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Battle for Sustenance (04:14)


A Wolverine searches for prey in Finland; food is scarce during winter. He spots a hare, but challenged by another for it; he shows willingness to fight to death and his rival withdraws. The competitor digs up previously buried kill, tearing the frozen flesh with powerful jaws.

Armored Battle (03:31)

Rhinoceros Beetles can lift 850 times their own mass. Males possess exoskeletons and large horns, using to defend homes and harems. A challenger ventures into another's territory; they fight, attempting to push each other off a log. The rival withdraws and winner refocuses on his females.

Fighting for Approval (04:15)

Rogue Gelada Baboon males locate females ruled by an alpha prepared to defend his domain; he reveals massive canines. The largest bachelor nears, and attacked; the defender is overpowered and retreats. The harem is approached, and adopts the new leader.

Ongoing Wars (04:51)

Girdled lizard males battle over watching females, who choose winners of the hasty, biting duels. In West Scotland, red deer males signify rutting with loud calls; only the most dominant stag will breed, and locks horns many times to defend mating privileges.

Battles for Breeding (05:41)

Four thousand wild horses roam Danube Delta. A stallion guards his in-season harem; a rival attempts to gain access, but driven off. Barbarusa males are aggressive, equipped with long tusks; they box with front hooves, fighting for dominance and mating rights.

Posturing Battle (03:30)

Mudskippers live in Indonesia's mangrove swamps; competition for space leads to conflicts. The amphibious fish feed on creatures within mud when tides recede. An individual defends territory by raising his dorsal fin and opening mouth wide.

Fighting to Death (02:35)

Dead leaf mantis spend much time still, camouflaging as decaying vegetation until another insect enters its domain. When a rival encroaches on an individual's territory, he is attacked, killed, and quickly eaten.

Kenyan Fighting Fauna and Foliage (05:52)

Whistling thorn acacia trees are drought hardy, and developed defenses against grazers; spines make them painful to eat and bulbous thorns house ants, biting and squirting acid at offenders. During breeding season, male giraffes hammer each other with skulls for mating privileges.

Dueling for Domain (03:10)

Alpine Ibex males are equipped with massive horns. During breeding season, they fight for mating privileges, rearing up to ram heads with opponents. They battle until one retreats; maintaining territory requires regular confrontations.

Maintaining Hierarchy (04:02)

Toque macaques have claimed the ancient ruins of Polonnaruwa; the massive troop is led by an alpha male, who must assert dominance constantly. When lower ranking individuals break rules, he disciplines them, often becoming violent with insubordinate members.

Born Warriors (04:03)

Elephant seals migrate to Falkland Islands to mate, molt, and fight. Male snouts amplify battle calls; the biggest and strongest exclusively breed. Youngsters play-fight, spending summers sparring, preparing to challenge dominant bulls in coming years.

Credits: Rumble In the Jungle-Wildest Survival (00:31)

Credits: Rumble In the Jungle-Wildest Survival

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In this program, we explore why and how animals fight, and reveal the ways in which they are programmed to survive at all costs. Most animals will defend themselves against predators, but many also do battle with members of the same species. Animals fight for two main reasons: for a mate or to defend their young or territory. When animals fight, it can often be to the death.

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