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Wedding Season (02:05)


In India, thousands of marriages occur throughout the season. The bride's father displays the dowry before a Muslim wedding.

Dowry Harassment (04:54)

Delhi creates a special police unit to address the needs of families who are targeted. A woman from Rajasthan claims her daughter was killed by the groom's family. The husband denies any legal marriage.

Tihar Jail (05:21)

Mothers-in-law who kill their daughters-in-law are incarcerated with the family while the husbands remain free. If a bride dies in the first seven years of marriage, the family can file a dowry crime charge. A woman feels abandoned since her son remarried.

Arranged Marriage (08:45)

Kajal Sharma marries Anand Singh, a member of a higher caste whose family needs money. Mr. Sharma describes how Dr. B.B. Singh wanted the dowry.

Bride's Death (05:47)

Dr. Singh describes finding Sharma's body and attests there was no dowry crime. Anand believes depression over exams led Sharma to commit suicide.

Sharma's Suicide Note (04:39)

The handwriting does not match. The dowry system is a devaluation of women from the richer sections of society. The Sharma's worry the police are corrupt.

Death by Suicide? (03:08)

The local police determine a wife committed suicide because her husband refused to eat her food. The body arrives at the mortuary and will be cremated the same day. The chance of a man being prosecuted is slim.

Burn Victims (03:54)

Anoki recalls her sister and mother-in-law setting her on fire after giving birth to a girl. A doctor explains that the stoves the women use cause so many accidents.

Women's Police Cell (04:29)

A family claims their daughter-in-law has been using dowry laws against them. The woman describes how her mother-in-law hates her. People ignore the laws and women resist dowry demands.

Credits: Dowry Law (00:42)

Credits: Dowry Law

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Every six hours in India, a young woman is beaten to death, driven to commit suicide or burnt alive in a 'cooking accident' at home. Most of these deaths are the result of arguments over dowry cash. It can cost up to $100,000 to find an Indian bride a groom, but that cash incentive has turned India's marriage market into a dangerous arena of lower caste families keen to push their daughters into a better life and rapacious mothers-in-law looking to feather the family nest. Adam Mynott asks: why, in a country hurtling towards economic prosperity, is dowry crime on the rise?

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