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Sex Study and Single Women (09:30)


There has been an increase in the number of sex partners women have during their lives, according to Britain’s National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles. With more co-habitation, later marriage, and a higher divorce rate, women often look for new relationships when they are older.

How Do You Meet New Sexual Partners? (12:52)

Thirty-three percent of survey respondents meet new sex partners at pubs, cafes or bars, 20% at work, and 16% at social events. Helen, a widow, has recently started dating again. Karen runs into Gordon, her occasional boyfriend. Judith hosts a singles party.

How Many Sexual Partners Have You Had? (03:26)

Male survey respondents have had an average of 13 sexual partners, while women report an average of seven. Helen says she has not had many partners, while Judith estimates she has had 20. Karen initially undercounts her partners; she is worried about seeming promiscuous.

How Soon After Meeting Do You Have Sex? (08:30)

Half of survey respondents have sex within a month of meeting. Helen wants to prolong the anticipation of sex, but later catches her new beau in a lie. Karen picks someone up at the club and sees red flags the next morning. Judith assesses her new love interest.

What Do You Think About Infidelity? (04:45)

Ninety-seven percent of National Survey respondents think infidelity is wrong. Helen recalls how upset she was when she learned her first husband had cheated. Karen believes it is easier for a woman to be faithful than a man.

What Do You Think About One-Night Stands? (08:16)

Sixty percent of men and 80% of women think one-night stands are wrong, according to the survey. Helen says she has never knowingly had one, while Judith says she has had two. Karen recites an original poem on the topic. Helen learns her boyfriend is still living with his ex.

Credits: Sex Life: Single Women (01:12)

Credits: Sex Life: Single Women

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What is it like out there on the dating merry-go-round when you are older, you have children and you are divorced? Three women show us the way. Helen, a midwife and mother of four girls, found her new man on the Internet. She blushes like a teenager when she gets text messages from him, much to the embarrassment of her daughters. In a thoroughly modern reversal of roles, her daughter Charlotte advises her to “go away for the weekend and get on with it." Will Helen's new boyfriend turn out to be the one, and what happens when she finds out he has another woman? Judith, mother of three, leads a glamorous single life in Leeds. As a regular party goer and gregarious host, she ought to be inundated with dates; but is her image as a strong, independent woman scaring them away? Meanwhile, Karen is beginning to question her choice of men. ”I’m not meeting the right type of men; they just do not want you for you,” she claims, vowing to stop going to her local nightclub week in and week out.

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