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Sex Study (10:33)


Britain’s National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles examines what happens to sex in long-term relationships when familiarity, children, and work take their toll. Three English couples discuss the beginnings, the ups and the downs of their intimate relationships.

What is Most Important in Your Relationship? (04:56)

Seventy-five percent of survey respondents say companionship is the most important aspect of their relationship, and only 15% say sex. The Riches are having difficulty despite counseling; Tammy no longer finds Danny attractive and has moved out.

Do You Enjoy the Sex That You Have? (06:26)

Sixty percent of male survey respondents say they always enjoy sex compared to 40% of women. Tammy Rich says her sex life with Danny improved for a time with counseling. Heron Nava loves David Cook’s kisses but wishes they had sex more often.

How Many Sexual Partners Have You Had? (13:11)

The average male survey respondent has had 13 sexual partners while the average female respondent has had seven. Danny Rich says he has only slept with his wife, while Nava estimates he has had sex with up to 600 men. Jo and Ben Bulpett go on holiday. Tammy misses Danny.

Do You Want More Sex? (04:02)

Forty-five percent of men and 40% of women want more sex. Ben Bulpett says he and his wife have an active sex life, though they sometimes go through dry spells. Nava jokes about his hyperactive libido, while Cook says his sex drive has declined greatly with age.

How Important Is Being Faithful? (08:18)

Ninety-two percent of men and women say that being faithful is very important. Nava doesn’t think that physical fidelity is very important, and Cook realizes his lover has strayed occasionally. The Riches reunite for their daughter’s bat mitzvah.

Credits: Sex Life: Couple (01:06)

Credits: Sex Life: Couple

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What happens to sex in long term relationships when familiarity, children and work take their toll? Three couples have found different ways of coping. Jo and Ben Bulpett have four children under seven. David Cook and Heron Nava have been partners for 32 years. Though still very much in love, David’s interest in sex has waned, whereas Heron is as keen as ever. How do they cope with such different expectations? Tammy and Danny Rich have been married for 18 years, but their relationship is under increasing strain as their expectations seem to increasingly diverge. Despite couple counseling, Tammy decides to move out. Results from Britain's National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles adds context to these couple's struggles. 

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