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Color Character of Towns (03:35)


Paris is known for its white and limestone buildings with grey roofs. In London, the cool effect of the stucco contrasts with red bricks creating warmth; reflective colors makes one cheerful. Explore how local materials individualize a city's character.

Creating Balance (05:18)

A modern building disrupts an established street pattern in a South London suburb. In industrialized estates, colors can be coordinated with immediate surroundings; respect existing color traditions in the country. Jean Philippe Lenclos discusses developing a new city for Euro Disney.

Northeast England (03:39)

Michael Lancaster describes how Victor Pasmore chose a palette of subdued reds, browns, and greys for the town of Peterlee. The London Docklands shows little evidence of coherence in its buildings. The Heron's Quay development designed by Nicholas Lacey incorporates several different reds and browns.

Renault Center (04:58)

The color yellow is associated with sunlight and joy. The West Waste Transfer Station in Brentford incorporates several different modified reds and yellows. See other examples of good color palettes: Stag Brewery, East Putney Station, and Les Linandes.

Poor Examples of Color Balance (04:27)

Tower blocks show no distinction between individual dwellings. Lancaster describes how a painter needs to consider landscapes when deciding composition. White and light yellow can be seen at great distances.

Matching the Landscape (05:33)

See examples of good color palettes such as Essorep Oil Refinery. Saint-Germain-en-Laye is protected through a conservation order. In Spain during the 19th Century, owners would ask their neighbors what color to paint their house.

Credits: The Color Eye: Coloring the Landscape (00:37)

Credits: The Color Eye: Coloring the Landscape

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Michael Lancaster & Jean Philippe Lenclos evaluate the importance of color coordinating architecture to the environment, looking at examples in France & Britain.

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