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Introduction: The Color Eye: Color Indoors (01:34)


This episode will examine interior color schemes designed by Julie Hodgess inspired by views, nature, and the interplay of light. If people feel uncomfortable with color choices they are unlikely to return. A room at the Portobello Hotel has light, reflections, fun, and individuality.

State House Hotel (04:05)

Hodgess describes how she incorporated the colors outside in the decor Land's End. A barrel-vaulted ceiling is painted to appear like the sky. Consider decorating a room with the same principles utilized by a landscape artist.

Light Releases Color (02:24)

Consider using spotlights, mirrors, or Venetian blinds to add mood and atmosphere. Cream netting on windows creates a cozy atmosphere. Hodgess explains how she chooses a fabric.

Textiles of Manuel Canovas (05:11)

Money is not necessary to create a beautiful house; it should contain books, colors, and photographs. Canovas describes how he chose his fabrics using Indian pinks as the basis to create harmony. Consider using warm colors in basement areas.

Nature as Inspiration (05:23)

Canovas describes being encouraged to make precise drawings of flowers as a child. Hodgess incorporates crown imperials, ginger plants, ranunculus, and amaryllis into the floral arrangements at the Draycott Hotel. Red, green, and cream colors create highlight spots.

Traditional Buildings (03:09)

Natural colors in stone and brick should be incorporated into the design. Hodgess describes how the screens and light from the stained glass in St. Leonard's Church affected her aesthetic. A patchwork emerges between the dark wood and iridescent color of the carpets in Julie's Bar.

Private Color Scheme (05:50)

Cricket St. Thomas is the home of the TV series "To the Manor Born." Hodgess describes her design of a corner, bath, and a room with a swimming pool in the private home. Marble is simulated in the paint.

Credits: The Color Eye: Color Indoors (01:01)

Credits: The Color Eye: Color Indoors

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Color is the first thing that hits you when you open a door. In this film there are interior color schemes that have been decided around views, color schemes that have been inspired by the colors in nature, color schemes that have been designed around existing buildings, and ones that have been designed around the interplay of light.

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