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Jesus and the Desert (04:49)


In early Christianity, it was common for religious hermits to live in the desert to better understand Jesus Christ's message. It is still a form of religious retreat in modern Christianity. By the 4th century, Christians were no longer threatened by the Roman Empire and began a new spiritual conflict.

Jesus in Egypt (05:21)

Early Christianity flourished in the country, which was home to many leading theologians. Joseph received a message of God to flee to Egypt with Mary and Jesus, who was influenced by the pagan religions. A branch of Christianity developed in Egypt, but was labeled as heretical by the mainstream church.

Coptic Christians (06:18)

Christianity in Egypt views St. Anthony as its founder and the oldest monastery in the world honors him. Monasteries were created as a place to unify the ideas of desert hermits. Coptic monks strictly follow Jesus' teachings and live simplistic lives with no possessions.

Jesus and Temptation (03:14)

Jesus was driven into the desert after his baptism and was tempted by Satan. Though he refused his offers of power, Jesus' critics accused him of not living an ascetic life. Jesus and many Jews were offended by the corruption at the temple in Jerusalem.

Jesus and Cynicism (06:25)

Some scholars believe Jesus was influenced by cynics. Instructions he gave to his disciples about how to teach and travel aligned with cynic ideas. Any reference to Jesus' cynic beliefs has been omitted from the New Testament.

Jesus and Doctoring (08:42)

The early Christian Church reshaped the view of the religion’s founders. In some Egyptian communities, Christians followed teachings of Jesus that there was no written evidence of. In 1946, manuscripts from the Gnostic Christians were found, which included stories of Jesus that went against the Orthodox Church teachings.

Jesus and Orthodoxy (06:02)

The early Christian Church adopted doctrine that supported the institution of the church. Church leadership placed high authority on Peter and others who witnessed the resurrection. Teachings about the event were tightened as a response against individualized interruptions.

Jesus and Holiness (04:04)

Religious pilgrims who follow the tradition of the desert hermits find a sense of holiness. Many believe the individual connection to Jesus is lost in modern Christianity.

Credits: The Lives Of Jesus: The Hidden Jesus (02:53)

Credits: The Lives Of Jesus: The Hidden Jesus

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Mark Tully presents the last in series which sets out to reassess the life of Jesus for the next millennium. The episode begins in the Egyptian desert where early Christian monks went to discover a hidden wisdom not of this world.

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