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Class Act: Episode 6

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Class Act: Episode 5

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Class Act: Episode 4

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Class Act: Episode 3

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Class Act: Episode 2

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Class Act: Episode 1

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In just under a year, Manchester Metropolitan University will turn out 600 newly-qualified secondary school teachers. Their first year in the job will be one of the hardest of their lives. Straight out of college, 21-year-old Lee could be mistaken for a pupil himself. He has never left home so his mother will be making his packed lunches for school and bringing his tea to his bedroom where he prepares his lessons. He hopes that his students will be as passionate about geography as he is. From September to June, this film follows nine would-be teachers through their emotional rollercoaster as they prepare to teach the nation's future. But first, they must stand in front of a class of 30 teenagers who really don't want to be there...

Item#: BVL185459

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