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Sharing Experiences (03:44)


After spending six weeks at their schools, trainee teachers return to Manchester Metropolitan University to share their experience. Many are surprised by the lack of respect from the students. Richard realizes he is the type of teacher he would not have liked.

Stress of Teaching (02:49)

Trainee music teacher Paula is unsure if she wants to continue pursuing teaching. Richard struggles with students who have little discipline and willingness to learn.

Self-Perceptions (06:48)

Ged worries he does not have what it takes to become a good history teacher. His university tutor observes him teaching a lesson on a subject he knows little about. Trainee English teacher Karen feels she is not spending enough time with her family.

Keeping with Teaching (04:45)

Paula's boyfriend is also a trainee teacher and they worry about not getting jobs in the same area. Paula is excited about going home over Christmas break. Lee finds that being close in age to students makes it difficult to keep control of the classroom.

Final Classroom Days (05:36)

The teachers prepare for the last few days with their classes since they will have new assignments after Christmas break. Karen writes a goodbye poem. Paula goes home to discuss her future in teaching with her family.

Outlook on Teaching (03:45)

Richard focuses on students getting something out of the class, regardless of their feelings toward him. Paula begins to have more fun while preparing students for the Christmas concert.

Credits: Class Act: Episode 3 (00:28)

Credits: Class Act: Episode 3

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Class Act: Episode 3

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It is two months into the course and the trainees are exhausted. The Christmas holidays are just a few weeks away, but nothing could have prepared them for what they’ve experienced over the last few months. At the university, the trainees swap horror stories about school life. Back at school, Richard learns how to cope with a pupil who refuses to work and 43-year-old Ged becomes seriously worried about his lack of subject knowledge, particularly when he is observed in class by his university tutor. Paula reaches a crisis point when she confesses that she doesn’t want to be a teacher and her boyfriend, who is also a trainee, tells her that he must put his career first – not their relationship.

Length: 29 minutes

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