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Teacher Placement (03:52)


Trainees are six months into their year-long in classroom training and receive new assignments. Their final assessments will take place at the end of the term. Lee is becoming disheartened with teaching and Ian has been told his teaching style must improve.

Teaching New Students (04:58)

Lisa is nervous about teaching her first lesson at her new placement. Ian is still anxious about being in front of students.

Pressure of Teaching (07:27)

Ian struggles to manage course demands with parenthood. Lisa and Paula join a field trip to London. Lisa worries about finding a job once the course is finished.

Teaching Assessment (07:21)

Ian and Lee prepare for their first assessments at their new schools. Ian worries he is getting too absorbed in the material and does include the students enough. Lee receives positive feedback from his university tutor.

Job Interview (03:46)

Lisa has a interview for a full-time art teacher position at a local high school. She is one of six applicants being interviewed. The interview goes poorly and she does not get the job.

Credits: Class Act: Episode 4 (00:28)

Credits: Class Act: Episode 4

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Class Act: Episode 4

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It’s the New Year and the trainees join the staff at another new school. But this time it’s all part of the final assessment. After 10 years as an industrial chemist, Ian is having difficulty adjusting to modern school life. He was told at his last school that his teaching had to improve. And the pressure is on at home as he’s just become a father for the first time. An observation by his school mentor does not go as well as he had hoped and he realizes that he has a lot to learn if he is to meet the teaching standards in time. Ian and Lisa prepare to teach their first lessons in their new schools.They feel as if they are starting over. For Lisa, getting a teaching job will mean that her family can move off the council estate in Manchester. While her partner, Pete, prepares for his gig as a Robbie Williams tribute artist, Lisa begins to prepare for her first job interview. Even before the trainees have passed the course they have to start applying for jobs. But art is not a shortage subject and getting a job may not be as easy as Lisa hopes.

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