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Job Search (04:00)


Seven months into the year-long course, trainee teachers begin looking for teaching jobs. Richard undergoes assessment while giving a human reproduction lesson. Science teachers are one of the in-demand positions in Great Britain.

Competition for Jobs (01:51)

Some positions are not in high demand, making finding a job difficult for trainee Lisa. She worries she does not come across as serious and knowledgeable in interviews.

Adjusting to School Life (06:28)

Ian, who worked as an industrial chemist for 10 years, struggles to adjust to teaching. His university tutor attends his final in-class assessment; Ian is not doing enough to engage the students in his lessons.

Losing Self-Confidence (04:50)

Lisa's confidence is starting to wane as she has multiple unsuccessful interviews. Ian is at risk of failing the training course after his poor assessment. Lisa's students present her with a gift on her last day at the school.

Future in Teaching (07:36)

Lisa is turned down for another art teacher position, but has two other interviews. Ian learns he failed his assessment and decides to leave the course.

Final Assessment (02:53)

Lisa passes the course and receives praise for her abilities and popularity with students. Lisa learns she did not get a teaching job after her third interview.

Credits: Class Act: Episode 5 (00:30)

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Class Act: Episode 5

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The trainees are entering their final assessment phase and it’s time to find out whether they’ve made the grade. The shortage of science teachers in England has reached crisis point but Ian still may not pass the course if he does not change his teaching skills. After an observation by his university tutor, he admits that he still sees himself as a chemist rather than a teacher. He has one month left to meet standards or he will have to repeat the course in September. Lisa prepares for another job interview. Her school mentor tells her that she has passed the course with flying colors but this still will not secure her a job for September. Her form class think that she will easily get a job but after failing two more interviews she is having doubts. It all become too much for Ian. He decides to leave the course when he realizes that he will not reach the teaching standards by the end of the course. Invited back to retake the course in September, he concedes that teaching is not for him and instead returns to the chemical industry to work with pesticides. His wife is less than happy with the outcome.

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