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Teaching Jobs (05:35)


Trainee art teacher Lisa prepares for her sixth interview and thinks about taking a different approach. Ged is one of the oldest trainees at 44; his university mentor worries he will struggle to find a history teaching position.

Job Search (05:39)

Lisa is rejected from her sixth interview. She and trainee teacher Lee have received positive feedback on how they interact with students. Lee does not want to leave the northwest but there are few jobs for geography teachers.

Job Acceptance (07:20)

Lee was so well liked at his school that administration created a position was created for him. Trainee science teacher Richard found a job quickly but worries about living in a more expensive area with a low salary.

Teacher Shortage (03:29)

Trainee English teacher Karen goes for her first job interview. English teachers are in short supply and she is the only person being interviewed. Karen receives a job offer.

Teacher Surplus (05:21)

Art and history are two of the subjects that have more teachers than available jobs. Lisa joins an agency to help her find a temporary job. Ged struggles to find a history position.

Credits: Class Act: Episode 6 (00:28)

Credits: Class Act: Episode 6

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Class Act: Episode 6

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In the last episode of the series, the graduates face up to the differing requirements and opportunities for teachers across the country.

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