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Al-Jazeera (06:41)


The Arabic satellite news service broadcasts brutal images of the war in Iraq, gaining them international attention. Al-Jazeera is independently run and provides an unbiased look at the conflict. Many journalists and employees ignore their emotions as they cover U.S. military operations.

Broadcasting War (03:22)

Al-Jazeera broadcasts the first bombings in on March 20, 2003. Numerous global news stations broadcast their live feed from Mosul.

First Day of War (02:57)

Al-Jazeera has journalists from 15 Arab nations, including Iraq. Journalists attend the U.S. military briefing at the command center where they praise the accuracy of the bombings. Al-Jazeera is the only news crew in Basra and broadcasts footage of civilian causalities.

Reporting from Baghdad (07:14)

Reporters and technicians at Al-Jazeera wait for bombing to resume. They race against other Arabic new stations to get exclusive footage of a downed U.S. aircraft. Their reporting goes against official U.S. military reports claiming no aircraft was lost.

Covering the Real Story (07:20)

Al-Jazeera's Baghdad office receives an exclusive tape of captured and killed American soldiers. They air the footage so the world can see what is really happening in Iraq. Al-Jazeera deals with criticism from the Americans claiming violation of the Geneva Convention.

Media Fallout (04:18)

Al-Jazeera's media relations department addresses international attention from exclusive footage of American POWs. American hackers sabotage their website and finance reporters are banned form the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ. Al-Jazeera airs another tape of American POWs as bombing continues in Baghdad.

Coalition Narrative (05:30)

Coalition officials report that Iraqis are revolting against Saddam Hussein in Basra. Al-Jazeera reporters only find a pro-Hussein rally and civilians lining up to receive water. Al-Jazeera interviews American Sectary of State Colin Powell; he says troops are there to free Iraqis.

Airing Another Tape (03:43)

Al-Jazeera airs a tape of fallen British soldiers, creating another wave of backlash from coalition forces. Editors believe hiding the footage would give a misleading view of the war. Media relations continue to manage constant calls requesting interviews about the tapes.

Increased Bombing in Iraq (02:29)

Bombing severs Al-Jazeera's communication with the Baghdad office. They air footage of a popular market place that was bombed by coalition forces; American officials deny the action.

Dealing with the Iraqis (03:59)

Bombs land outside a hotel in Barsa where reporters are staying. Al-Jazeera receives criticism from the Iraqi military for airing footage of coalition forces touting their progress in Iraq. They halt reporting from Iraq instead of complying with censorship requests from the military.

Bombing at Baghdad Office (08:01)

After 12 hours, the Iraqis allow Al-Jazeera to report freely inside the country. On April 8, American bombs hit Al-Jazeera's Baghdad office and journalist Tareq Ayyoub dies. American officials deny they were targeting the office.

Continuing to Report (03:07)

Americans knew the locations of Al-Jazeera offices in Baghdad and Afghanistan, but both were directly hit. Ayyoub's death changed many of the reporters’ views on America and how they want the war to proceed.

Credits: Al-Jazeera Exclusive (00:01)

Credits: Al-Jazeera Exclusive

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Throughout the war in Iraq, the BBC had exclusive access to Al-Jazeera Television. Al-Jazeera's News Editor, Ibrahim Hilal, insists that he is simply showing the war as it is, but decisions to show disturbing images of Iraqi women and children wounded by Coalition bombs, American prisoners of war and dead British soldiers have seriously angered the American and British governments. Then Al-Jazeera's office is hit by missiles from a US warplane and the station is devastated. It's the ultimate test of the station's objectivity.

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