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Winter In Britain (04:42)


When the Earth tilts further away from the sun, it provides less warmth and light. Some species migrate, others endure. A Barn Owl struggles to locate food; Dippers dive into frigid waters to pluck adaptive Graylings from a stream.

Migratory Animals (04:51)

Hooper Swans annually fly to Britain for the winter. Wading birds swarm estuaries during seasonal flights. Barnacle Geese from Greenland take refuge along the coast.

Animals Weathering the Storms (07:42)

England is likely to receive rainfall during early winter. Coasts offer no protection from cold; seals and seabirds endure freezing winds; some clustering together for warmth.

Hibernation (02:19)

Some wildlife endure winter in burrows, while others find shelters. Peacock butterflies and horseshoe bats share accommodations within an abandoned castle dungeon.

Search for Sustenance (03:55)

Some animals must move constantly to survive Britain’s winters. Bank voles search for food day and night; they reproduce through the season. Small birds pester a tawny owl after a night of nonstop hunting.

Frozen Barriers (03:18)

Trees are barren during winter, creating foreboding landscapes; ice forms and snow falls, generating dangerous conditions for wildlife. Swimming birds deal with solidified water bodies; food is difficult to obtain.

Marine Bounty (03:29)

Wading birds feast in estuaries when the tide goes out. Mud flats retain ocean life, providing food for Gulls, Knots, and Dunlins. A Peregrine Falcon preys on flocking swarms.

Risky Procurement (04:50)

Snow falls inland, obscuring remaining vegetation. Hungry rabbits take risks to find food. Smaller birds must search the entire day for food; they are most likely to perish in the cold.

Scottish Winters (08:07)

In the Highlands, deep winter snows and ice cover the landscape. Red Deer migrate to lower areas. Golden Eagles, snow buntings, mountain hares, and ptarmigan tolerate glacier conditions by growing down or changing color for the season.

Man and Nature (03:22)

For Britain's wildlife, winter is a difficult time. In juxtaposition, humans conduct their most festive celebrations during the season.

Credits: A Winter's Tale (00:48)

Credits: A Winter's Tale

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The shortest day of the year, when the sun is furthest away from us, is a time when life in the natural world toughs it out, sleeps or dies. This program examines the resilience of the natural world in a time of extreme hardship. Following the progress of the shortest day, from dawn to midnight, breath-taking images of natural behaviour in its wildest surroundings are combined with the images of the insulated human world.

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