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Cynthia's Story (02:59)


Executive assistant Cynthia Scudo developed hip pain; an MRI was inconclusive and physical therapy was ineffective. Her doctor prescribed OxyContin. Panelists agree that opioids should not be the first line of therapy; the source of pain should be identified.

Narcotics for Pain Relief (06:35)

Cynthia describes becoming addicted to OxyContin. A new doctor cut back her dosage but she was suffering withdrawal symptoms. Hear criteria for assessing patients for addiction risk and learn about drug contracts.

Myth or Medicine (01:26)

Dr. Gloria Baciewicz explains that people do not die immediately after an opioid overdose; they have minutes to hours before respiratory depression stops their breathing.

Transitioning to Heroin (02:21)

When her doctor cut back her OxyContin dosage, Cynthia began selling her prescription pills to fund illegal narcotics. By smoking rather than injecting heroin, she convinced herself she was not addicted.

New Face of Heroin Addiction (03:54)

Cynthia represents the growing narcotic epidemic among middle class, suburban Americans. After transitioning from OxyContin, she maintained a job and family while smoking heroin daily for nine years. Opioid prescription monitoring programs have unintentionally driven patients to use street drugs.

Recovering from Heroin (04:58)

Cynthia decided to enter rehabilitation when her mother, a recovering addict, expressed concern. Learn about detox drugs controlling withdrawal symptoms. Cynthia also underwent psychotherapy. Dr. Louis Papa discusses the pressure for doctors to prescribe narcotics for pain management in the past.

Second Opinion 5 (02:05)

Dr. Patrick Seche describes five early signs of opioid use disorder.

Credits: Opioids to Heroin—Second Opinion (00:28)

Credits: Opioids to Heroin—Second Opinion

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The heroin epidemic is a growing problem in the US, and addiction experts say that it largely begins when people first become addicted to prescribed opiate pain medications. As the pills become more expensive and harder to obtain, people move on to the cheaper and more potent high that heroin can provide. Cynthia Scudo, a grandmother of twenty, shares how a story that started with hip pain ended with a nine-year addiction to heroin.

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