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Zach's Story (04:51)


U.S. Marine veteran Zachary Bell left his wife and infant daughter during his first deployment to Afghanistan. His eagerness faded when friends were killed. Returning home, he felt detached from family life. After a second deployment, he left the military.

Understanding PTSD (03:38)

Zach was diagnosed upon leaving the military; he felt his "raw" feelings and emotions were validated. Dr. Rebecca Weintraub Brendel describes symptoms and Dr. Louis Papa says the condition can be difficult to distinguish from anxiety and depression.

Myth or Medicine (02:03)

Dr. Eric Caine explains that both physical and emotional injuries can lead to PTSD. Life experience and biological make-up can increase vulnerability.

Returning to Civilian Life (03:35)

As a veteran of the Marines, Zach struggled to redefine himself, including finding work and relating to his family. Brendel outlines PTSD symptom categories of re-experiencing trauma, negative self-views, emotional void, and arousal.

Getting Help (02:20)

Zach describes reluctance to seek emotional support, as a former Marine. When a friend committed suicide, he formed a PTSD support group for veterans.

Treating PTSD (03:15)

Individuals must be able to contextualize their traumatic experiences to live their lives. Evidence-based talk therapies help patients understand memories and learn to avoid triggers; anti-depressants can also help. Zach processes emotions through writing and is forming a veteran support network.

Second Opinion (02:17)

Zach asks about traumatic brain injury and PTSD. His physician prescribed hormone therapy for pituitary gland scarring.

Second Opinion 5 (02:12)

Dr. Will Pigeon shares five signs that you may have PTSD.

Credits: Post-traumatic Stress Disorder—Second Opinion (01:14)

Credits: Post-traumatic Stress Disorder—Second Opinion

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Post-traumatic Stress Disorder—Second Opinion

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Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a debilitating mental disorder that can manifest after a terrifying event. It was first added to the DSM-III in the early 80s, following the Vietnam War. We meet Zachary Bell, a former US Marine, who shares his story of horror in Afghanistan, as well as his battle to regain his mental health. We answer whether PTSD can only follow after someone sustains a physical injury, and we outline five signs that may indicate PTSD.

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