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Avalanche of Food Products (01:17)


The battle to sell food products continually escalates in this 4 trillion dollar industry.

Jungle Jim's International Food Market (02:34)

Jungle Jim keeps his customers entertained with theme park style attractions and over 150,000 products. His grocery store is also home to a bank, post office, drug store, movie theater and monorail.

Ethnic Foods Boom (01:57)

Jungle Jim recognized ethnic food as an area for potential growth long before it became trendy. He prides himself on his extensive international product line.

Food Product Development (01:55)

Canada's largest retailer, Loblaw, sends a scout to Mexico in search of a sauce for its house brand, "President's Choice."

Research in Food Product Development (02:53)

Loblaw's product developer enlists a local chef to teach her about Mexican cuisine. They explore the market and prepare authentic dishes in his restaurant. She must create a product that is authentic, but that will appeal to a broad range of tastes.

Control Brand (02:00)

President's Choice is Loblaw's house brand. Its "Memories" series allows consumers to taste the world from the comfort of home. House brands offer a competitive advantage and Loblaw introduces hundreds of new products each year.

Niche Market (01:11)

A food developer for Loblaw explains her process for developing a new line of frozen lasagna.

Research & Development at Loblaw's Test Kitchens (04:15)

Product developers trial recipes for the vice president of product and development at Loblaw. Only after a product is endorsed by this expert is it produced for Loblaw's "President's Choice" brand.

Proximity Marketing (02:14)

A Toronto ad agency pitches its concept for McCain, one of the world's largest frozen food manufacturers. They come up with a plan to market the "Toscano," a frozen pizza.

Ambush Marketing (02:06)

A team from a Toronto ad agency offers rail commuters coupons for a free pizza--to be picked up on their way home that evening. Free pizzas are handed out at the train station during the evening rush.

Research and Development (01:34)

A Loblaw food develop finally hits on the right recipe for a new Mexican style sauce. The VP of product and development endorses her sauce--giving it the green light for production. The average lifespan of a successful new product is only 3 years.

Potato Chip Wars (02:49)

A former restaurateur purchases a small chip factory where employees create true kettle style potato chips. Competing against snack giant Frito-Lay means the producer must get perfect flavor, packaging and shelf position in the store.

Dragon's Den (01:43)

A boutique potato chip producer goes on a CBC reality show in hope of obtaining financing that will enable him to introduce his product in the United States.

Great Performances: Locavore Movement (02:49)

New York caterer Liz Neumark has parlayed supporting local organic farms into a 35 million dollar a year business. Neumark believes that promoting sustainable farming and reducing the carbon footprint of food is an idea whose time has come.

Food Giants Cash in on Organic Movement (04:17)

Liz Neumark caters an upscale NY wedding with seasonal fresh foods grown within 100 miles of the event.

Loblaw's Frozen Lasagna (02:45)

Loblaw's new house brand lasagna receives a lukewarm reception from consumers, who were expecting a more traditional product. Loblaw must react quickly and adjust the recipe to save this new product.

Great Performances Catering: Locavore Campaign (01:57)

Liz Neumark seals a 25 year catering contract with the Plaza Hotel. She says sustainable food is not just for the rich, rather it is for people who are aware of what their food choices are and are choosing to exercise them.

Product Promotion: War Without End (00:41)

The battle to control what consumers put on their plates is never-ending. In the end, the consumer has the last word.

Credits: The Battle to Get on Your Plate: High Stakes in the Food Industry (01:10)

Credits: The Battle to Get on Your Plate: High Stakes in the Food Industry

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The Battle to Get on Your Plate: High Stakes in the Food Industry

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Retail is a tough racket—and the grocery business may be the toughest of all. This program illustrates the extremes to which today’s food purveyors must go in order to win customers and beat back the competition. As viewers quickly learn, even the best efforts of marketers, test-kitchen chefs, and food scientists aren’t always enough; roughly 18,000 new grocery items are developed each year, but nine out of ten don’t make it to store shelves. Case studies feature Jungle Jim’s International Market, a colossal Ohio outlet with an over-the-top, media-friendly owner; Loblaws, a Canadian supermarket chain with a team of product developers fanning out across the globe in search of the next new flavor; locavore Liz Neumark, who owns the upscale New York catering company Great Performances; and Sepp Amsler, developer of Hardbite organic potato chips. (43 minutes)

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