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Introduction to Year by Year: 1929 (00:35)


In 1929, Herbert Hoover is in the White House, Americans are crazy about Bing Crosby and aviator Charles Lindbergh. It is the jazz age and Americans are singing "Happy Days are Here Again," but the Stock Market Crash brings that to an end.

Mystery Plane Tested (01:09)

Navy Flyer, Lt. Williams, Attempts to win the Schneider Trophy.; 1929 Annapolis, Maryland: Lt. Al Williams, Our Navy's Greatest Flyer.

Nannies Calm Tots by Attaching Radios to their Carriages (00:40)

Radio Shows of 1929 included the "Fleischmann Hour" with Rudy Vallee, and "Amos n Andy."

Germany Celebrates 10th Year as a Republic (01:22)

President Von Hindenburg Inspects the troops.; 1929 Paris Fashions. Red crepe steals the show.

Grand Opening of $6 Million Bridge (02:03)

Mayor Stoney speaks. James Armstrong cuts the ribbon and opens the bridge. A pageant of floats completes the ceremony. The structure is higher than the Brooklyn Bridge. Navy Football Practice Begins. Coach Bill Ingram preps his team.

British Occupation Troops Leave The Rhine (01:12)

Troops arrive in Dover, England. They'll spend Christmas at home. Real tea at last!

Test Flight of First All-Metal Airship (00:57)

The MC-2 Navy dirigible is 1,000 feet long. It travels at 65 MPH with a cruising radius of 1,000 miles. It is powered by 2 engines with a combined strength of 450 horsepower. It is more durable than fabric dirigibles.

New Mechanical Tool Helps Train Army Pilots (01:18)

It has movable wings but doesn't fly. Soldiers of the 9th Army Air Corps in a unique tug-of-war. 1929 - Presidio Parade Grounds; Football practice. Lambasting a dummy opponent

Demonstration of the Autogiro that Crossed the English Channel (00:39)

1929 - Pennsylvania: The plane features slow speed landing.

Graf Zeppelin Ends World Flight (01:01)

The Zeppelin completed its trip around the world in 21 days, 7 hours, and 26 minutes. On August 29, 1929, the Zeppelin completed its journey in Lakehurst, New Jersey.

Front Page News in 1929 (00:46)

St. Valentine's Day Massacre; The Babe hits his 500th home run; Herbert Hoover is inaugurated at the New York State Fair. Governor Roosevelt Speak at the New York State Fair.

Famous Shot Putter Demonstrates His Sport (00:44)

1929 - N.Y. Athletic Club Meet. Pat is the holder of 15 club titles and a couple of Olympic championships. He is swinging a 56 pound weight.; Steeple Chase Runners Take the Plunge.

Men's Fashion Expo (00:41)

Now you can see how your ancestors dressed down through the ages. Who says men's styles don't change?

Four Ton Pastry is Star at Baker's Convention (00:40)

This pie took 125 bushels of apples, 600 pounds of flour, 500 pounds of sugar and ten dozen eggs. Kids whose parents can't afford much pie are having a treat.

Inventor Tests Model Seadrome (01:52)

Navy Tests "Smoke Screen Defense; "Madame Curie Wins $50,000. She and her late husband discovered radium, the only known cure for cancer.

King Opens Royal Opera Season in Bangkok (00:54)

Jesters and Devils - the latter are villains. The opera begins. The dancers are paid high salaries and are taught the steps when they are babies.

Rush Hour at the Goose Farm (02:23)

Dinner Time at Gooseland; Athletics and Cubs Clash in World Series. The Great Ehmke struck out 13 Cubs for a new record. Connie Mack, manager of the Athletics, versus Joe McCarthy of the Cubs. Fox scored the first run with a homer.

1929 - Food Prices (00:60)

In 1929 a loaf of bread sold for $0.09. Steak was $0.46 a pound. The price of a quart of milk was $0.29.; Aerial Fighters and Heavy Artillery at Army Expo.; 4,000 pound bomb contains 1 ton of T.N.T.

German Invents Fold-Up Car (00:39)

It has plenty of speed and power--will go 80 MPH.

Acrobatic 15 Month Old Performs (01:56)

Ramona Carpenter has lots of confidence in her father. She's got muscles; Millionaire Fritz Von Opel and His Rocket Plane. He risked his life three time sin one day to prove it would fly. He was the first to fly an airplane propelled by rockets.

Mussolini Reviews the Metropolitan Police (01:32)

One of the chief prides of Mussolini is his highly efficient police force. Instead of horses, police who ride are on bicycles or motorcycles. Riot squads in their emergency wagons.

The Sisters "G" are Here to Star in "King of Jazz" (00:50)

1929 - New York City. Foot Contest Held at Chiropodists' Convention. Nellies Hayes wins

Waiters Hold Marathon in Streets of Paris. (00:41)

They have two walk two miles through the streets of Paris without spilling. The one who wins gets to keep the bottle of wine he is carrying. After a dispute, the contest is repeated on a track.

Yale Crushes Army 21-13 (01:18)

Yale kicks off. Cagle scores for Army. Booth turns the tide.

Catapult is Demonstrates in Maneuvers (00:49)

1929 - Virginia. Rear Admiral Lanning Directs the Demonstration. Plane leaves the runway at 80 MPH.

Homeless Men Celebrate Thanksgiving (00:54)

In 1929 Americans were first introduced to Gerber baby foods, foam rubber and the Academy Awards.

Russia Exiles 10,000 Germans (00:58)

The German government appropriated 3 million marks to aid the poor people forced to give up their homes and farms; What famous flyer cheated death in 1927? Commander Byrd in his trial flight at Hasbrouck Heights.

New German Weight-Loss Machines (00:42)

Berlin started the fad of slim waistlines. There are machines for every part.

Last Belgian Troops Leave the Rhineland (01:11)

A happy group of men are going home to stay after ten years away from their loved ones. All traces of the great war are gradually disappearing. General Pouleur is Region Commandant.

Navy Takes Over First of Light Cruiser Groups (01:21)

The 10,000 ton warship, Salt Lake City, is commissioned; Young Child is Unharmed After Electrical Experiments. The experiment is a success.

World's Biggest Rabbit Farm 1929 (02:09)

Each rabbits is good for a pound of fur a year; Toy Banks Become Collectors' Items; Chinese Rebels Kill Merchants and Loot City. Shopkeepers are forced to sell wares on the sidewalk.

Ex-Governor "Al" Smith Vacations in the South (00:46)

Al Smith ran for president in 1928, but was defeated by Hoover.

Modern Bakeshop is Opened on the Carrier Lexington (00:55)

1929 Doughboys at work. This is the biggest pie shop in the Navy.

General Edwards at Hub Meeting (03:44)

1929 - Faneuil Hall, Boston; In Germany the Steins Work Overtime; Latest styles for the society ladies of Japan; Hoover Invites 15,000 Children to the White House; Blimp Destroyed by Aerial Gunmen in Mock Battle; President Awards Medal to Lindbergh.

Boys Build Home-Made Diving Bell (02:22)

New Course Teaches Canine Showmanship; APE Aeronauts Compete in International Race. 1929 - Venice California.

Daredevils Perform Roof-Top Thrills (01:23)

Life-Saving Bumper Invented to Lessen Fatalities;

Stock Market Crash! (01:32)

As 1929 opened American business was booming. Black Tuesday: October 29, 1929, the New York Stock Exchange is in a panic. The Great Depression had begun.

Credits: Year by Year: 1929 (00:25)

Credits: Year by Year: 1929

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