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Introduction: Environmental Action (02:10)


Correspondent Isa Soares asserts that environmental protection must be a collaborative effort between governments, businesses, and individuals. World Environment Day 2017 focused on reconnecting with nature and creating green spaces that improve human health.

Public Engagement (03:51)

Professor Jim Harris addresses the value of green spaces and promoting community awareness of ecological problems; he sees student programs as a starting point for involvement with impactful organizations. Governments and corporations worldwide now consider environment in engineering and operations.

Consumer Awareness (04:12)

On World Oceans Day, Stella McCartney interviews explains that the oceans produce half of Earth’s oxygen; if pollution goes unmitigated, there will be more bottles than fish in the seas. She recycles plastic waste into clothing, asserting that style is not compromised.

Copyright Placard: Environmental Action (00:04)

Copyright Placard: Environmental Action

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Environmental Action

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This video explores the value of our green space and the environmental dates in the calendar that inspire people to take action on causes that matter to them.

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