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Continuous Renewable Energy Supply Challenge (02:46)


Portugal ran for 4.5 days entirely on renewable electricity in May 2017. Learn about pump hydro, a hydroelectric dam storage method.

Portugal's Renewable Energy Mix (03:09)

The country is investing in solar projects for summer electricity production to balance hydro and wind power produced in winter months. Learn about the cooperative solar model. Officials hope to export energy on an international grid someday.

Econundrum (01:57)

Ways to use renewable energy at home include signing up with a provider using clean sources, investing in a solar backpack, and installing rooftop solar panels. Domestic wind turbines can be installed in windy regions.

Clean Energy Technology (02:46)

International Renewable Energy Association representative Michael Taylor discusses renewable energy storage methods. Molten salt storage for solar panels is being developed in the Middle East. Grids must be flexible and allow for two-way electricity travel.

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Running on Renewables

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The Alqueva Dam in Portugal releases stored green energy on demand, ensuring a seamless supply of energy when all sectors are firing; Coopérnico encourages installing solar panels.

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