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Archeology History (03:12)


Howard Carter excavated King Tutankhamun’s grave in 1922; W. Stern used ground penetrating radar in 1929. Willard Libby invented carbon dating in 1949; experts first used LiDAR in the field in 2001. Robert Thorne applied x-ray fluorescence in 2005; Sarah Parcak pioneered satellite archaeology in 2009.

Archaeocopter (04:11)

Computer Archaeologist Benjamin Ducke and AI Professor Marco Block-Berlitz use drones to excavate. They scan Nick Glass, and use automatic keyframe selection to create a three dimensional image.

Deep Diving AUV for Exploration (04:04)

Aronax Maritime Technologies and Fraunhofer Institute collaborate on DEDAVE. The submersible uses sonar to create a three dimensional map of the ocean floor.

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Make, Create, Innovate explores how technology is changing one of our older disciplines—archaeology. We meet engineers developing new sonar-based robots to help with underwater exploration, and we meet German archaeologists, Benjamin Ducke and Marco Block-Berlitz, who are pioneering the use of their 'archaeocopter' to scan and model archaeological sites and recreate them in 3D.

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