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Communications History (01:36)


Samuel Morse invented the telegram in 1844; Alexander Graham Bell developed the telephone in 1876. In 1960, satellite communication became utilized; Ray Tomlinson sent the first electronics message in 1971. Martin Cooper introduced the cell phone in 1973; Tim Burners Lee released the World Wide Web in 1991.

3D Image (03:53)

David Fattal develops hologram transmissions with 3D views. There is a race to invent and patent the technology. Nick Glass experiments with currently available systems.

Wired Telepathy (05:10)

Rajesh Rao asserts that human brains can communicate without language. He collaborates with Andrea Stocco and Chantel Prat to invent the necessary technology. Glass and a professor wear brainwave reading caps; the professor detects his thoughts.

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We explore the technologies that could revolutionize the way we communicate. With Apple and Samsung both investing in hologram technology, holography could be the future. We meet an inventor of a micro-projector system that could bring holograms to our smartphones, and why beam someone into your phone, when you could beam your thoughts directly into someone else’s brain? We meet a scientist who successfully demonstrated that "telepathy" is possible and join him as he tries a new, dramatic experiment.

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