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Attack on Democracy (02:32)


The American government released information tying Russian officials to cyber theft. President Donald Trump denied business ties to Russia. Michael Flynn was fired for lying about conversations.

Disrupting the Presidential Election (04:41)

National Intelligence Director James Clapper learned that Russia or another organization was trying to influence the election. The FBI alerted the Democratic National Committee that hackers attacked their network. In November, an agent informed a worker that a DNC computer was transferring information to Russia.

Targeting Estonia (06:52)

Estonia erupts in violent protests after the relocation of a Soviet War Memorial. Hackers destroyed news and government websites, and crippled the banking industry.

Targeting America (04:38)

Russian hackers targeted individuals using spear phishing campaigns that resembled Google security warnings. A computer technician at the DNC discovered the breach in late April. Crowdstar identified "Fancy Bear" and "Cozy Bear."

ActBlue (01:58)

Russian hackers infiltrated a Democratic fundraising site, sending donors to another website to input their credit card information. Donald Trump admitted he loves WikiLeaks.

DNC Servers (06:08)

Guccifer 2.0 released damaging emails from the DNC, the Hillary Clinton Campaign, and the Congressional Campaign Committee. WikiLeaks released information stating party leaders favored Clinton over Bernie Sanders. Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigned; Trump encouraged the hackers to continue.

Russian Interference (03:55)

Directors of Homeland Security and the National Intelligence released statements about active election interference. Access Hollywood released a tape of Trump talking about his love of beautiful women. WikiLeaks announced it has Podesta's entire email correspondence.

Final Campaign Days (02:50)

John Carey wanted stiffer economic sanctions. President Barack Obama warned Vladimir Putin against further interference in the election process and closed compounds the Russians used for spying.

President Trump (02:27)

The Washington Post reported the American government knew about Putin's direct involvement in the hacking scandal. Russians thought they could make deals with Trump because they also hacked Republican Party members.

Taking Culpability (04:14)

President Putin explained that theoretically, hackers could be patriotically-minded advocates for Russian goals. Congressional committees met to discover whether collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign occurred. Hackers claimed to have damaging information about the president-elect. (Credits)

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