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Introduction: The End: Inside the Last Days of the Obama White House (02:58)


Donald Trump becomes president-elect after a closely fought election.

Uniting the Country (05:33)

Cody Keenan writes remarks for President Barack Obama to deliver in the rose garden the day after the election. President Obama describes how he congratulated Donald Trump and invited him to come to the White House to discuss the transition. Josh Earnest collects his thoughts before answering questions from the media as press secretary.

Growing Anxiety (05:11)

Protests erupt outside Trump Tower. Valerie Jarrett watches President Obama attempt to reassure the public. Tina Tchen speaks at a "Let Girls Learn" event and reassures terrified individuals.

Keenan's Office (03:39)

President Obama will visit the speechwriter's office if he would like to make any edits. Keenan exhibits memorabilia he has collected after working in the West Wing for eight years. Jen Psaki listens to podcasts or NPR on her way to the office.

Preparing for a Briefing (03:09)

Earnest meets with his staff to prepare for the press conference and determines that it will not be helpful or ethical to criticize the president-elect.

Immigration Issues (03:51)

Trump appoints Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. 1100 of President-Elect Trump's appointments must be confirmed by the Senate. Jarrett discusses meeting with the transition team.

Obama's Transition (03:13)

Members of the Obama administration discuss entering office during the 2008 banking crisis. See footage of the president's inaugural address.

Thanksgiving Week (06:21)

President Obama returns to the White House after his final international trip. The speechwriting staff brainstorms jokes for the pardoning of the turkeys. The turkeys stay at the Willard Hotel.

Affordable Health Care Act (04:16)

Tchun describes how she began working for the Obamas. President-elect Trump appoints an Obamacare critic to lead the Department of Health and Human Services. Jarrett works with Raffi Freedman-Gurspan to advocate for the LGBTQ community.

"Kill the Bill" (03:02)

Keenan describes how the Obama administration dealt with misinformation campaigns while trying to pass the Affordable Health Care Act. The staff gathers in the Roosevelt Room to watch the Senate vote.

Holiday Season Begins (02:32)

The White House tree is delivered; Angella Reid, the chief usher, describes how many of her staff have worked for seven administrations.

Favorite Memories (00:37)

Jarrett describes how she met the Obamas while working for Mayor Richard Daley and shows some of her favorite memorabilia from working in the White House. Keenan and the speechwriters reminisce about the past eight years.

Unveiling Christmas Decorations (05:18)

Michelle Obama welcomes military families. Children create decorations. The Obama family lights the annual Christmas tree for the last time.

Sandy Hook Anniversary (09:07)

Parents of children who died at the Sandy Hook massacre visit Jarrett. Obama makes statements after a shooting at a grocery store in Arizona, a movie theater in Colorado, and at a nightclub in Orlando; Keenan discusses when the Senate failed to pass a bill for universal background checks. See footage from the memorial commemorating the deaths in Newton, Connecticut.

Leaving for Hawaii (05:30)

Keenan meets with his staff to discuss the farewell address. The news reports that Russia hacked the Democratic National Convention. Obama emphasizes the importance of working together to move forward at a press conference.

Hawaiian Family Vacation (07:32)

Keenan writes the farewell address from his hotel room in Waikiki, emphasizing how America is at its best when challenged. The staff gathers to hang out after work. Joe Paulson is not sure what his position will be after inauguration day.

Holiday Season Ends (04:38)

Reid explains the transition at the White House on Inauguration Day. The Partnership for Public Service meets to discuss the president-elect's appointments. Psaki meets with Sean Spicer and Earnest to prepare the new press secretary.

Mixed Messages (03:50)

Trump complains about the transition on Twitter. Earnest defends President Obama giving his farewell address in Chicago. Keenan discusses writing the speech.

Favorite Week at the White House (02:57)

The staff discusses a week in 2015 when the Charleston shootings occurred and Supreme Court decisions regarding marriage equality and the Affordable Care Act were released. At the funeral for Clementa Pinckney, Obama sings "Amazing Grace."

Packing Offices (03:59)

The staff packs their memorabilia away to prepare for the transition.

Farewell Address (06:20)

Obama delivers his farewell address blocks from where he accepted the presidency. See footage from the speech. Afterward, the President commends the staff of his administration.

Credits: The End: Inside the Last Days of the Obama White House (00:33)

Credits: The End: Inside the Last Days of the Obama White House

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