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Mining in Europe (02:15)


Imagine if France was the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution. Key moments in the European coal industry include Denis Papin developing the steam engine, the quest for coal, and a mine explosion in 1906.

Steam Engine (02:59)

Papin does not develop his prototype; Thomas Savery creates a system of draining water. Thomas Newcomen combines the two inventions to immediate success. Great Britain flourishes during the Industrial Revolution.

Memory of Humanity (03:47)

Worried that the machine will replace their jobs, workers destroy flying shuttles. Innovation causes jobs to be created and destroyed. James Watt adds a condenser to Newcomen's invention, increasing the output; western countries enter the Steam Age.

Demand for Coal (04:58)

The Industrial Revolution in Great Britain is enhanced by the stable political situation, agricultural surplus, and economic prosperity; France is not as fortunate. Miners extract the fossil fuel from the earth's crust, which provides energy for heating, transportation, and commercial boilers. Daily accidents occur.

Class Struggle Emerges (04:26)

Society experiences radical changes during the 19th century such as capitalism and socialism; the proletariat hopes for improved working conditions. Miners experience unsanitary housing, alcoholism, violence, abuse, illiteracy, and hunger. Unions strike in France.

Waldeck-Rousseau Law (02:45)

Miner associations ask the workers to be calm and moderate; conditions improve. More than 1000 people die in the Courrieres mine disaster. Progress should be on behalf of all mankind; there are always costs.

Technological Advances (03:59)

The last mineshaft closes in France during 2004. New environmental pollutants include nuclear waste and oil spills. The Internet revolutionizes global communication.

Credits: The Industrial Revolution and the Battle for Coal (00:47)

Credits: The Industrial Revolution and the Battle for Coal

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The Industrial Revolution and the Battle for Coal

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University of Glasgow, England, 1763. A young engineer tries in vain to fix a steam engine before finally understanding what is wrong with it. James Watt still doesn’t know it but he will soon revolutionize the world of industry. From the end of the 18th century, in the depths of the earth, night and day, men scrape, prick and dig interminable and dangerous galleries. True soldiers of the abyss, miners tirelessly pull coal, the main source of energy of the country, up to the surface. This black rock will become the vital fuel of the industrial revolution. The whole Europe will be transformed by the coal revolution but at what price?

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