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Maritime Commerce City (04:26)


Imagine if Carthage sacked Rome. Key moments in the Carthaginian era include Queen Dido landing in North Africa, Hannibal Barca invading Italy, and the city being razed. Carthage is an independent city lead by two suffets.

Memory of Humanity (04:06)

Carthage's system of government is both oligarchic and democratic. Romulus kills Remus and establishes Rome. The city wars against rival factions and soon controls the Italian peninsula; Rome and Carthage make several trade agreements.

Naval Tactics (04:16)

The quadrireme contains a rostrum to smash opponents' hulls. Roman soldiers use corvuses to board enemy ships during sea battles. The First Punic War drags on for years; Hamilcar Barca leads troops in Sicily.

War Is Expensive (04:34)

The Carthaginian government chooses to end the First Punic War using diplomacy and money. Their military is made up of mercenaries, while the Roman army is comprised of citizens. Hanibal Barca invades Rome by traveling on land over the Alps during the Second Punic War.

Battle of Cannae (03:40)

Barca surrounds and slaughters the Roman Legions. The Roman Empire would never have occurred if Barca had pillaged Rome. Scipio Africanus allies himself with King Syphax and threatens Carthage.

Roman Carthage (04:08)

Carthage boosts its trade income. Senators argue about destroying the city; Roman legions pillage and destroy the city in 146 BC. The three wars are known as the Punic Wars; Rome refuses to negotiate with opponents until victory is secure.

Credits: Hannibal Barca Against Rome (00:47)

Credits: Hannibal Barca Against Rome

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Hannibal Barca Against Rome

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In 814 BC, the exiled Phoenician queen Dido founds the city of Carthage on the African Coast. The city develops and takes the lead of a real maritime empire based on trade. Carthage dominates the Western Mediterranean at that time. But in the third century BC, the Roman Republic achieves the conquest of Italy. Between the two ambitious cities, the confrontation is unavoidable. Led by the General Hannibal, Carthage will inflict dreadful defeats on Romans and lead Rome on the verge of ruin.

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