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Life of Thomas Edward Lawrence (02:18)


Imagine if the Ottoman Empire maintained control over Arabia; a pipeline would feed Germany's war machine. Key moments in the life of Lawrence of Arabia include leaving Great Britain, Ottoman soldiers capturing and torturing him, and Prince Faisal entering Damascus. (Credits)

Lawrence's Education (04:07)

Lawrence takes a bicycle tour across France following the path of his childhood hero, Richard the Lionheart. David George Hobarth, a professor at Oxford University, recruits his student for British Intelligence. Learn how the Ottoman Empire spreads from Iraq to the mountains of Algeria; Great Britain wants to control the area surrounding the Suez Canal.

Memory of Humanity (03:30)

The Ottoman Empire at its peak encompasses a multitude of different ethnicities, languages, and customs. Lawrence arrives in Cairo, Egypt during World War I. The Hashemite family controls the religious areas Mecca and Medina and wants Hussein Bin Ali to become caliph of a great Arab Nation; the British and French reach the Sykes-Picot Agreement.

The Great Arab Revolt (02:21)

British promise territories to multiple parties. Hussein ibn Ali al-Hashimi proclaims his independence in al-Thawra al-‘Arabiyya al-Kubra. Lawrence meets Prince Faisal and becomes his military advisor. Because the Bedouins will sustain heavy losses if it directly confronts Ottoman Army, the Arabs rely on lightening raids and sabotages.

June, 1917 (03:28)

Reinforcements from Cheif Auda Abu Tayi's forces arrive. Aqaba falls to the Bedouin army. Lawrence blows up railroads near Mudawara and is captured and tortured while reconnoitering in Dera.

Turning Point in History (02:57)

The rebellion will lose its unity and British support if the Ottomans discover Lawrence is English. The Bedouins invade Damascus and the Ottoman Empire falls.

Revolt or Revolution (03:31)

The French revolution changes the country from a monarchy to a republic; the Bedouins do not wish to change their society. Hussein and Ibn Saud continue to fight for an Arab Caliphate. In 1920 French officials arrive to take possession of Damascus according to the terms dictated in the Sykes-Picot Agreement.

Aftermath (02:57)

The British Government offers Prince Faisal the Iraq throne. Lawrence dies after a motorcycle accident in 1935. The Arabian peninsula falls into the control of Ibn Saud.

Credits: Lawrence of Arabia and the Redefining of the Middle East (00:47)

Credits: Lawrence of Arabia and the Redefining of the Middle East

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Lawrence of Arabia and the Redefining of the Middle East

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1916, the Great War is raging in Europe. Far away from the trenches, in the sand of the Middle East, war has a very different face. All the grounds of the “land of Damascus”, but also the holy places of Islam, are then in the hands of the Ottoman Empire. The archaeologist Thomas Edward Lawrence, a resourceful adventurer, is an English agent present on site. With a handful of intrepid men, he leads the revolt of the Arabs alongside Sharif Hussein, traditional steward of Mecca and Medina. Using at best the forces at his disposal, he gains the Arabs’ trust and becomes: Lawrence of Arabia.

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