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The Viking Age (02:17)


Imagine if the Vikings never sacked Europe precipitating the fall of the Frankish empire. Key moments in Scandinavian incursions include the raid of the Lindisfarne monastery, warships entering Paris, and Rollo being granted Normandy by the king.

Battle of Vouillé (02:09)

Clovis, king of the Franks, crushes the Visigoth army and adopts Christianity. Charlemagne dominates Western Europe and creates an empire two centuries later.

Memory of Humanity (04:33)

The Franks agree to serve and defend the Roman Empire after being granted land and citizenship; the two societies fuse customs to begin something new. Lindisfarne Monastery is pillaged by Viking forces. Scandinavian society is built around charismatic leaders and maritime trade; expeditions colonize Russia, Iceland, Greenland, Newfoundland, and other areas of Western Europe.

Raiding (02:43)

Viking means a maritime expedition in search of riches. Containing 70 men, langskip are flat-bottomed, lightships that provided Vikings' speed and the element of surprise. Men from the north descend, attacking Great Britain and Ireland coasts and monasteries.

First Sacking of Paris (02:21)

Charlemagne establishes a coastal defense strategy. The Frankish empire is divided amongst Louis the Pious' sons, weakening the central power. Rouen, Nantes, Toulouse, and Paris are sacked.

Speed, Surprise, and Fear (05:44)

The army arrives too late to stop the raiding. The Francs begin to raise ramparts, erects the Pont de l'Arche, and build forts to defend larger cities. Vikings notice that two fortified bridges block entry to Burgundy; a long siege begins.

Turning Point in History (02:30)

Charles III is discredited and dismissed; Count Eudes becomes King of France. Rollo the Viking leader, agrees to be baptized and swear allegiance to the king in exchange for land in Normandy.

Colonizing (02:52)

Scandinavians want to integrate into Europe and establish a strong state; the Vikings convert to Christianity. The Duchy of Normandy is established, becoming one of the most prosperous lands in France. William the Conqueror becomes king of England.

Credits: The Vikings, from Paris to Normandy (00:46)

Credits: The Vikings, from Paris to Normandy

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The Vikings, from Paris to Normandy

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While the Viking raids have come one after another in the Occident for almost a century, in November 885, hundreds of Scandinavian boats sailing towards Burgundy present themselves before the walls of Paris and besiege the city. The stubborn resistance of Count Eudes makes it possible for the besieged to resist until the arrival of Emperor Charles the Fat, who, in exchange for a large amount of money, obtains the withdrawal of the Scandinavians. To protect themselves from the Viking threat, the king of the Franks, Charles the Simple, suggests, in 911, a treaty to the Viking chief Rollo, to whom he abandons lands in exchange for the protection of the Seine estuary. It is the beginning of the Duchy of Normandy.

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