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Airbus A380 (04:21)


The super jumbo is poised to dominate the airline industry; Airbus reveals the first of five prototypes in 2005. Features include a carbon fiber central wing box, aerodynamic wing design, GLARE, weight reduction, self-contained power packs and more.

The Aviation Academy (02:37)

The academy offers several courses to help ensure there are enough workers to meet industry expansion; technology continues to evolve. Students work alongside professionals to better understand daily airport operations.

Air Traffic Controllers (02:22)

Controllers are responsible for the flow of planes through a specific area. An air traffic control simulator improves safety and performance, and reduces learning time.

Aircraft Interior (02:10)

An expo reveals the latest in cabin design for passenger planes—sleeping cabins, personalized inflight entertainment, and integrated children's seats. Luxury air travel is a growing industry.

Greener Air Travel (03:18)

Virgin Atlantic completes a flight from London to Amsterdam in a plane that incorporates biofuel; the company wants to reduce its carbon footprint. Richard Branson discusses the use of algae as fuel.

Supersonic Aircraft (03:36)

The Concorde fleet retires in 2003; its fly-by-wire system interface converts flight controls to electronic signals. The A2, a hypersonic aircraft, is under development; the reaction engine will allow speeds in excess of Mach 5.

Eco-friendly Aviation Design (03:26)

An exhibition in the U.K. seeks to increase public awareness of carbon footprints and showcases new design ideas. Introducing new aircraft is a long process. The aviation industry is a technological timeline.

Credits: Aviation (00:28)

Credits: Aviation

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The aviation industry showcases some of mankind's greatest achievements. From the Concorde to the A380, this video explores the technology behind these and other aviation success stories. It looks at training method and the development of a sustainable, biofuel powered industry with an aim of reducing carbon footprint. It also considers designs and technological advances in interior cabins.

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