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Military Robots (02:42)


Military personnel use robots in war zones for information gathering, analysis, and planning. See a robot used for reconnaissance and bomb disposal; controls are similar to those of gaming devices.

Combat Clothing (02:28)

New uniforms help with comfort in desert environments; boots are the most important part of a kit. Other clothing articles include Google sunglasses, anti-fungal/anti-bacterial underwear, and protective suits.

Advanced Naval Submarines (03:03)

The USS Florida is at the forefront of naval technology and accredited with many "firsts." The sub provides a state-of-the-art platform. Upgraded communications are a morale booster for personnel.

Armored Vehicles (02:33)

Development and improvement are an ongoing aspect of technological advancement. The British Army's bridge-laying vehicle and multipurpose vehicle are at the leading edge of defense ingenuity.

Vision Correction Surgery (03:49)

Dr. Steve Schallhorn's procedure corrects eyesight problems, resulting in improved performance. Dr. Robert Maloney discusses initial military opposition to the surgery.

Grand Challenge (02:51)

The design competition attracts entries of autonomous systems that operate in urban areas and can identify a specified range of threats. All systems will receive development time before military testing.

Airborne Surveillance (01:42)

Defense forces monitor systems that provide detailed pictures of situations; Erieye is an advanced radar system. The E.U. and European Space Agency are collaborating on the Galileo satellite navigation system.

Defense Systems and Equipment Exhibition (02:58)

The exhibition reveals new tools in the British military arsenal including clothing, an anti-aircraft missile, portable fuel cells, and a remote submarine. Defense equipment improves every year.

Credits: Military and Defense Forces (00:27)

Credits: Military and Defense Forces

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Military and Defense Forces

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Each year the equipment available to defense forces multiples, improves, and provides soldiers with the technology to stay alive. This video explores advances in army uniforms, artillery, machinery, and systems that keep armed forces at the forefront of defense. The smallest improvements available in equipment have a huge impact in the field, providing lifesaving innovations, comfort solutions, and a safer working environment for those personnel that take on some of the toughest jobs in the world. The video also looks at technological developments in submarines, tanks, and airborne surveillance.

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