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Driving Aids (02:23)


An innovative system analyzes what is occurring around the vehicle and allows the car to react to potential threats. Designers believe wide acceptance will result in fewer and less severe accidents.

Formula 1 Racing (04:29)

Drivers rely on precision technology to be competitive; teams use computer modeling to create the perfect cockpit for the driver. Innovations include pneumatic spring valves, electro-hydraulic transmissions, and carbon fiber.

Anti-Collision Device (02:23)

A car's braking system can sense an impending crash. Approximately 75% of accident claims are slow speed. Experts at the Thatcham Institute test devices.

Japanese Automotive Industry (02:15)

Innovative car features include hybrids, push-back braking systems, fuel efficiency, and an eco-pedal. Safety Shield is a prototype designed to decrease accidents. Companies work to create eco-friendly cars that can compete with traditional automobiles.

Satellite Navigation (03:46)

Navigation systems are an important accessory for taxi and courier drivers. A team researches the safety implications of using such devices.

In-Vehicle Electronics (01:45)

Some devices are designed to assist the driver while others are for passenger entertainment. Experts discuss current integrations and future navigation systems.

Aging Demographic (01:51)

Japanese car designers use a special suit to assess the needs of elderly drivers. The information will help them design concept vehicles.

Police Smart Cars (02:55)

Laptop computers, wireless devices, and video cameras help reduce on the job risks and provide easier communications for U.S. law enforcement officers. Technology enhances the driving experience.

Credits: Behind the Wheel (00:27)

Credits: Behind the Wheel

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Technology is allowing those that drive a safer more comfortable ride, providing tools to navigate, preempt, and react. This video discusses the development of satellite navigation that helps taxi drivers, couriers, and other drivers to have a more productive and efficient working day; advancements in safety features that provide consumers a world of alternatives; and in-car gadgets that have evoked a whole new consumer demand.

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