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Modern Stethoscope (01:53)


The Littmann electronic stethoscope 3200 is equipped with Bluetooth technology and records sound in real time. Cardioscan software offers diagnostic support.

Diagnostic Kit (02:25)

The kit is compact, portable, quick, and can test for many diseases. Experts discuss the use of IBM medical technology and a chip that can simultaneously process six samples.

Medical Breakthroughs (03:06)

The Australian Synchrotron is the largest research project undertaken in Australia in the last 20 years. Scientists examine the chemical makeup of diseases including multiple sclerosis.

Robot Specialists (02:18)

The U.S. Army uses robots to act as the eyes and ears of medical personnel stationed abroad. Experts use a similar device for training purposes.

Diagnostic Machine (03:00)

Students enter physical observations of a patient into a database that prompts them to make traditional diagnoses. Dr. Wang Yiqin discusses incorporating the diagnostic system into traditional Chinese medicine.

Collaborative Care (02:57)

Experts devise new systems to manage information between physicians, specialists, hospitals, and pharmacies; collaboration is a patient-centered model.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (02:38)

Experts use MRI to detect various conditions in the body. Felix Block and Edward Purcell are responsible for the scientific principle behind the MRI; Peter Mansfield and Paul Lauterbur develop their groundwork.

Pediatric Cardiology (02:45)

Doctors can use a noninvasive procedure to correct a whole in the heart. The procedure reduces patient risk and recovery time. Technology provides many tools for health care professionals.

Credits: Hospitals and Medicine (00:27)

Credits: Hospitals and Medicine

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Taking major leaps forward in diagnosis, surgeries, and systems, the healthcare industry is one that mixes the old with the new, to offer hope for the future. This video looks at advances in and diagnostic techniques and discusses ongoing technical advancements that fuse medicine and science. It examines robot doctors, MRIs, and the original tool of the trade - The Stethoscope.

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