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Sports Technology: Introduction (01:08)


New technologies help improve athletic performance. Applications include coaching methods, health and well-being, and monitoring.

Football/Soccer (05:00)

Scientists develop a soccer ball for the 2010 World Cup; balls behave differently at various altitudes and whether they are wet or dry. Thermal bonding technology makes a ball nearly waterproof. Experts test shape, size retention, and water absorption.

Winter Sports (02:51)

Field development is a significant aspect of the sports industry. Turin's bobsled track and adjustable ski jumps feature revolutionary engineering with limited environmental impact.

Footwear (01:55)

Footballers need strong, supportive shoes. In 2009, Adidas releases "high speed" shoes that feature a sprint skin and sprint frame. Air conditioned soles are a crucial component of most sports shoes.

Integrated Training System (04:22)

A stride sensor inside a running shoe and a wireless heart rate transmitter inside a shirt communicate with a wrist unit. Experts use the data to analyze training sessions. Scientists are working on technology to help develop breathing muscles.

Winter Apparel (03:30)

Sportswear companies use technological advances to enhance athletic performance; see power bands and ice hockey suits. Nike's advanced innovation team tries to solve athlete problems in innovative ways.

Advanced Swimwear (03:48)

Speedo teams with NASA and Olympic athletes to develop a swimsuit to reduce drag. The LZR Racer has no stitching. Technology revolutionizes the way we play sports.

Credits: Sports Technology (00:26)

Credits: Sports Technology

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Sports Technology

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Technology in sport has come along a long way, from the simplest timing devices such as stopwatches, to advances in fabric, and nutritional information, allowing athletes to compete and train in comfort, as well as to their optimum level of fitness. This video examines developments in swimsuit technology that have meant that Olympic swimmers get the benefit of slimmer, more hydrodynamic suits. It considers how soccer has evolved over the years as well, with changes to the ball's makeup so that it performs better when waterlogged. It looks at another major advance - the architecture of snow skiing runs and bobsled tracks. The video also shows the evolution of running shoes from the earliest boots to the lightweight shoes pioneered by Adidas today.

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