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DNA (03:39)


Deoxyribonucleic Acid contains the recipe for all living organisms. During modification processes, a gene is removed and replaced with one containing a desirable trait. Molecular Geneticist David Saul shows how to extract genetic material from cauliflower using household items.

Genetic Modification (03:44)

Tony Conner modifies potatoes to resist Tuber Moths using Deoxyribonucleic Acid from bacteria that produces insect killing toxins. The product is not in markets due to public backlash. Theoretical Biophysicist Peter Wills asserts that altering genes will have consequences.

Genetically Modified Foods (05:40)

Much produce is altered by irradiation; corn and soy are commonly modified. Seeds from cotton engineered to resist insects and Roundup can contaminate other crops. Some foods are manipulated to increase nutritional values.

Foreign and Local Modifications (03:12)

Cross breeding plants and animals is possible through genetic engineering; the public and some scientists worry about unforeseen consequences. Biotechnologist Jimmy Suttie explains how he replicates a cow’s genes to produce double the casein.

Genetic Engineering (04:32)

Saul believes the public prevents genetic manipulation due to undeserved prejudice. Wills believes altered crops should be isolated to avoid unanticipated consequences. Technology is in the early stages; most food is safe, but proper preparation and awareness is advised.

Credits: Harvest of Fear (00:36)

Credits: Harvest of Fear

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What sort of risks do genetically engineered foods pose for us if we consume them? This video looks at what is involved in genetic modification, discussing how food can be made better and how genetic modification helps farmers produce more food. It examines political and commercial pressure around this highly controversial technology and discusses food irradiation.

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