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Synthetic Chemicals (02:34)


Human-made chemicals are found at every level of the food chain. Dr. David Saul believes we avoid the risk of some chemicals to our detriment. Dr. Mariel Watts advocates a precautionary approach toward pesticides.

Organic Farming (04:13)

A farmer does not use weed killers or pesticides; he employs composting and mulching techniques. Saul argues the safety of naturally occurring chemicals. Organic foods cost more than conventional foods.

Chemical Dosage (03:44)

Various factors reduce pesticide levels on plants; foods have naturally occurring chemicals. Experts discuss safe dosages, testing, and determining ADI.

Acceptable Daily Intake (03:01)

Richard Van Oort measures the amount of pesticides in foods from New Zealand. Approximately half of the foods contain no chemical residues; other residues test at a microgram level.

"Cocktail Effect" (04:30)

Watts argues the safety of residues when regularly consumed and when consumed in conjunction with other chemicals. A study of alligator penises suggests that exposure to estrogens has detrimental effects.

Xenoestrogens (02:19)

Human exposure to xenoestrogens varies depending on foods consumed. Experts discuss reducing male exposure to the female hormone; there is no proof xenoestrogens cause "gender bending" in humans. See a preview of the next episode

Credits: Another Round-Up Anyone? (00:36)

Credits: Another Round-Up Anyone?

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How do chemicals find their way into our food, at what level, at what toxicity, and does it really matter? Is organic food better? This video tries to answer some of these questions and takes a hard-nosed look at the science behind it. It examines both natural chemicals and man-made chemicals that can cause har, looking specifically at one group of man-made chemicals that do seem to be having an effect – xenooestrogens – which have been linked to reduced fertility and shrinking genitals in the males of a number of animal species.

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