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E. Coli 0157 (05:55)


Every year, thousands of people experience food poisoning; Madison's mother describes her experience. Hamburger is a common source of e. coli. Cooking kills almost all bacteria.

Campylobacter (07:07)

Bacteria are everywhere. "Campy" makes thousands of New Zealanders sick every year and is commonly found in birds. Killing the bacteria is simple; engage in food safety practices.

Listeria (03:41)

The bacterium is dangerous for the elderly, those who are sick, and pregnant women. Listeria can grow while in the refrigerator. Pasteurization helps eliminate listeria and other bacteria.

Bacterial Survival (04:10)

Some bacteria form spores that can withstand harsh conditions; the spores germinate and bacteria returns to normal growth. Cool food properly to avoid spore formation. See a preview for an upcoming episode.

Credits: Micro-Killers (00:36)

Credits: Micro-Killers

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Bacteria are everywhere. Most of them are good for you but there are also some that can kill you. Every year thousands of people come down with food poisoning from one species of bacteria alone – campylobacter. Typically found on raw chicken, campylobacter can be easily killed by heating but many people make the mistake of contaminating their cooking implements in the cooking process and transferring it onto a meal about to be eaten. This video looks at campylobacter, as well as the listeria bacterium, a bug that is particularly dangerous for pregnant mothers and the unborn fetus. It also examines why reheated foods pose a high food poisoning risk, particularly seemingly harmless foods like cooked rice.

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