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Natural Toxins (03:55)


The majority of poisons humans consume occur naturally in plants and animals. Lisa and her mother describe their illnesses after consuming coral trout. Every year, up to 4% of the population in warmer climates experiences ciguatera poisoning.

Tutu Plant (03:50)

Tutu is highly toxic to humans and stock animals, but the passion vine hopper can consume it safely. The insects leave a secretion on leaves that attract bees during drought seasons. Charles Royal recalls tasting a plant without knowing it was tutu.

Death Cap Mushroom (03:10)

Fungi produce toxins to ward off bacteria and other fungi; the death cap is one of the world's most toxic plants. Gong Yen recalls eating what he thought was a safe mushroom and nearly dying.

Vegetable Toxins (02:16)

Cabbage has 40 identifiable toxins that can be deadly in large amounts, but concentrations in the plant are low. Potatoes contain solanine; the highest concentration is in the sprouts.

Bacteria Induced Poison (04:22)

Weigh the risks versus the benefits of a food. Kahawai and other red fish contain histidine that change to histamine after the fish dies; a woman recalls her reaction to tuna. Keep the fish cold until cooking to prevent bacterial growth.

Puffer Fish (03:46)

Every year, Japanese diners die from consuming the fish. Some fugu chefs add minute particles of tetrodotoxin to the meal. See a preview for an upcoming episode on deadly creatures that live on food.

Credits: Natural Assassins (00:36)

Credits: Natural Assassins

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Natural Assassins

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A common myth is that the greatest "chemical poisoning" risk associated with eating is residual pesticides, but modern science tells us that this is an infinitesimally tiny risk and that there is a far greater danger of being poisoned by a chemical naturally occurring in a vegetable or meat. Countless plants and animals contain natural toxic chemicals that are highly dangerous to humans. This video talks to people who innocently consumed one of these natural toxins and almost not lived to tell the tale.

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