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Ford Ka (04:18)


Chris Svenson and Pierre Webster discuss developing a new product to compete in a specific market, and designing the interior and exterior of the Ka. The car has organic shapes with tension lines.

Mekong Wheelchair (04:34)

Land mines are the leading cause of limb loss in Cambodia. David Constantine and Ian Harris discuss designing the wheelchair with Cambodians; users can attach a bicycle to the front of the chair. Good design can provide a sense of freedom.

Rolls-Royce 3 Shaft Engine (04:27)

Designers must consider the potential for future improvements; a three shaft engine is more economical. Rob Howe and Geoff Wilde discuss engine development, full-scale design, using technology, and characteristics of a designer.

RAC Control Center (04:42)

The building incorporates traditional values with modern concepts; building placement creates a triangular plan. Christopher Nash discusses the floor plan, innovative aspects, furniture, and collaboration.

Automated Teller Machines (04:01)

Banks and businesses purchase ATMs, but the end user is the consumer. Bob Tramontano and Charlie Rohan discuss making products user friendly, styling, marketing, iris recognition, and innovation.

Fashion (04:22)

Ally Capellino, known for fabric choices, does not like rules about how to wear clothing. She discusses inspirations and her design process. Capellino likes to mix traditional and new aspects.

Credits: The Art of Design: Part 2 (02:41)

Credits: The Art of Design: Part 2

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The Art of Design: Part 2

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In this video, designers discuss problems they faced and solutions they found in the Ford Ka with the Ford Design Team; the Mekong wheelchair by Motivation; Rolls-Royce shaft engine by Geoff Wilde and Rob Howe; RAC control center by Nicholas Grimshaw; ATMs by the NCR design team; and fashion with Ally Cappellino.

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