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Graphics (04:30)


Jonathan Barnbrook finds inspiration in 1930s art. He discusses establishing Virus to sell his typefaces, animating typeface for Foggie Bummer, and collaborating with Damien Hirst on Pharmacy. See the monograph he created for Hirst's work.

Animatronics (04:24)

Artists examine drawings before creating a maquette. Verner Gresty discusses creating strong characters and fabrication. Artists use CAD to engineer character interiors and manipulate character movement through the performance control system.

Handihaler (04:10)

In the U.K., millions of people suffer from asthma; 2,000 die every year. Ross Kinneir discusses designing a device that encourages use in public; durability and aesthetic appeal are important.

Psion 5 (04:37)

The technology of the series five family is designed to make use of future elements. David Potter and Bill Batchelor discuss designing the software and exterior in tandem. The most important aspect of product design is identifying user requirements.

Earth Galleries (04:13)

Museums can help make learning fun. Celestine Phelan and Steve Simons discuss involving the audience with exhibitions and conceiving new ways to look at subjects. Simons believes the "Monty Python" syndrome makes British designers stand out from others.

Cable & Wireless Adventure (04:25)

Nigel Irens and Jock Wishart discuss getting the powerboat around the world in less than 80 days. Features include a slender hull, outside hulls, communal areas, and births.

Credits: The Art of Design: Part 1 (00:36)

Credits: The Art of Design: Part 1

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In this video, designers discuss problems they faced and solutions they found in such areas of design as graphics; animatronics, looking at Jim Henson's Creature Workshop; Handihaler, an inhaler for asthmatics; The Psion 5 handheld computer; Earth Galleries Exhibition event communications; and The Cable and Wireless Adventure powerboat by John Walker.

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