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Beethoven and the Sonata Form

Part of the Series : Beethoven by Barenboim
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Form was a continuing concern for Beethoven—the structure and inner logic of music, the way themes are built and developed and which elements are juxtaposed, and particularly the creation of unity from opposing ideas and themes. That is why the sonata form suited him so well, because it is based on this kind of contrast. Barenboim uses the first movement of the Waldstein Sonata as an illustrative case, examining the statement and development of subjects, the contrasts in melody and rhythm, the nature of the transitions, the structure of the recapitulation, the impact of the coda. After analyzing these elements, he performs the movement without interruption. (28 minutes)

Length: 28 minutes

Item#: BVL1225

Copyright date: ©1990

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