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Introduction (00:48)


A brief introduction to the diversity of the Potato.

The Original Pantry Cafe (02:01)

Established in 1924, The Pantry serves 1000 pounds of potatoes everyday. Every fresh potato contains much of your daily allotment of nutrients. The average American consumes more than 140 pounds of potatoes each year.

World Potato Consumption (00:30)

World potato consumption has doubled since 1993. Potatoes are a basic staple in everyone's diet because they can be produced in many areas.

The Potato Chip (03:58)

Americans consume 1.5 billion pounds of chips every year. Kettle Goods elevated the potato to a gourmet potato chip, manufacturing 30 different potato chip flavors.

American Potatoes (00:47)

90% of all potatoes grown in the U.S. come in 3 different varieties: the Russet, the White, and the Red Potato. They have changed a lot over the years.

The Origin (00:28)

Potatoes originated in the Andes Mountains in what is now modern day Bolivia and Peru. People there have eaten them for over 8,000 years.

Europe (00:39)

The potato didn't reach Europe until the 16th century. Fearing that the potato was the work of the Devil, nearly 2 centuries passed before the potato became a staple in European diets.

The New York Knish (01:17)

This popular New York dish is a 100 year old traditional peasant food made from the potato with all the richness and flavor of America's immigrant past.

Los Angeles Power Lunch (02:37)

Leading chefs seek new ways to serve the simple potato. Top chefs find a wide variety of potatoes, including the Russian Fingerling, at the Santa Monica farmers market.

Potato Harvest (02:02)

Idaho and Washington state dominate the market, but potatoes grow in every state in America. Harvest is a combination of digging then gathering the potatoes.

Potato Processing (01:03)

Once gathered, trucks carry upward of 45,000 pounds of potatoes to the processing center.

The Potato Family (02:17)

The potato is a botanical relative of the tomato, eggplant, tobacco and the pepper. Up to 85% of the potato plant is edible. The potato growth process is explained.

New Harvesting Technology (02:06)

GPS in tractors helps farmers create more accurate rows and increase the output of their crops.

Potato Vodka (03:30)

Cold River Distillery explains their process for making potato vodka.

The French Fry (02:15)

Americans eat an average of 4 servings of french fries a week. Ore-Ida Potatoes in Ontario, Oregon stores 33 million pounds of potatoes and sells 500 million pounds of french fries every year.

The Tater Tot (02:06)

Born from the scraps that the French fry process leaves behind, the Tater Tot was introduced in 1953.

Potato Variety (01:29)

Wood Prairie Farms, a potato specialty farm in Maine, produces 25 varieties of organically grown potatoes. Research suggests new health benefits from different varieties of potatoes.

Late Blight (02:09)

This merciless airborne fungus was responsible for the Irish Potato Famine in the 1840's and continues to destroy nearly 20% of the world's potato crop every year. Scientist are in search of a disease-resistant potato plant.

Dehydration (04:37)

Dehydration reduces the water content in fresh potatoes and turns them into flakes or flour. These ingredients can be made into any shape you want, and no one does this better than Keystone Potato Products.

Project Concerned International (01:13)

The characteristics that make dehydration so valuable in the commercial market also make it extremely desirable for relief organizations. Over 10 million pounds of potatoes are distributed each year to those in need.

Potato Toys (03:33)

In 1952, Mr. Potato Head became first child's toy ever advertised on TV. Potato shooters like The Diktater are homemade toys made from PVC pipe.

Aeroponics (02:06)

The potato is the first food ever grown in orbit using a technology called aeroponics, which concentrates a small mist of nutrients onto the plant suspended in air.

Credits: Modern Marvels: The Potato (00:26)

Credits: Modern Marvels: The Potato

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It is among the most versatile, nutritious, and varied foodstuffs in the world. The potato is the ultimate comfort food. We'll travel from the potato's mysterious origins in the South American Andes to the ethnic enclaves of New York's lower east side for some tasty potato knishes. In northern Maine we'll discover a farmer of exotic potatoes: blue, green, pink, and dark purple varieties. We'll reveal how large-scale potato producers in Idaho and Pennsylvania slice, dice, freeze, and dehydrate millions of pounds of spuds annually. We'll learn how to mass-produce Tater Tots and kettle potato chips. Potato vodka now scores near perfection in international tasting competitions--and we'll visit a Maine distillery at the top of their game. Finally, we'll pay tribute to the iconic Mr. Potato Head, and then round out the show with an explosive visit to the makers of some of the world's most sophisticated spud guns. Distributed by A&E Television Networks. (48 minutes)

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