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Introduction to Monster Trucks (02:40)


Fans in Bakersfield, California have gathered for a monster truck show. The noise is deafening, the stunts unbelievable and the wrecks incredible. Monster truck racing is one of the fastest growing motor sports in the world.

Birth of the Monster Truck (02:50)

Big Foot Driver Dan Runt jumped over a jetliner and set a record. In the past drivers broke their backs from the impact of a hard landing. Today's trucks are much safer and injuries are rare, thanks mainly to the technological innovations of Rob Chandler.

Monster Truck Origins (02:29)

Although monster truck races are a new form of motor sport, their roots go back to early 20th century tractor pulls. Today's tractor pullers can be more powerful and more expensive than monster trucks.

Military Monster Trucks (01:03)

For years the military has relied on its own version of the monster truck. One of the most rugged and versatile is the HEMTT. Perhaps the best known military off road truck is the Hummer.

Destructive Monster Trucks (02:01)

Stadium crowds went wild when Bob Chandler first crushed cars in Big Foot.

Evolution of Monster Trucks (03:13)

By the mid 1980s there were several other trucks around to compete with Bob Chandler's. There were three stages of the monster truck. A lighter safer design became the industry standard. In 1983 Chandler discovered that monster trucks float.

Anatomy of a Monster Truck (02:34)

The modern monster truck is a triumph of technology, with more moving parts than any other racing vehicle. The bodies are made of fiberglass and headlights are painted on. They have both front and rear wheel steering.

One of a Kind Truck (01:39)

An ex Motocross racer designed and built an unusual monster truck. Standing while he drives provides more visibility. It also allows his legs to act as additional shock absorbers in hard landings.

World's Tallest Monster Truck (02:17)

Big Foot 5 is for exhibition only. Bob Chandler found its huge tires and wheels in a Seattle junk yard. They came from a U.S. military transport called the Snow Train.

Monster Truck Race Camaraderie (04:14)

One of the biggest annual monster truck races in the country takes place in Indianapolis. It is three days of total immersion in the world of 4WD trucks. The S course will be a challenge for inexperienced drivers.

Monster Truck Race Preparation (03:02)

One of the most crucial ingredients of a successful monster truck race is dirt. Stadiums are turned into dirt tracks. Safety is of paramount importance at every race event. Two bystander deaths occurred before a new set engine of cut off switches.

Monster Truck Event (03:41)

Although monster trucks are the main attraction, the annual Indianapolis jamboree is a celebration of the truck in all shapes and sizes. Before a race monster trucks often do a car crush, today they rip one apart.

Monster Truck Drivers (02:02)

One of the most important parts of a monster truck driver's job is interacting with fans. After the first day's races the track is because of complaints that the track wasn't challenging enough.

Final Day of Monster Truck Racing (04:27)

The track has been changed from the previous day to make the jumps higher and more exciting. An on board camera captures the kind of race every monster truck driver hopes to avoid. The driver is injured unbeknownst to the crowd.

Future of Monster Trucks (05:14)

After the races are over, work on Big Foot continues and an injured driver still refuses to go to the hospital. The climax of every monster ruck event is the free style.

Credits: Modern Marvels: Monster Trucks (01:05)

Credits: Modern Marvels: Monster Trucks

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