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Securing the Work (04:38)


Secured materials are easier and safer to work on. Tools that secure include the bench hook, miter box, bench vise, electric vacuum bench vise, and a variety of clamps.

Measuring and Marking Out (05:33)

Accurate measuring helps prevent disastrous outcomes in woodworking. Tools include tape measure, rule and steel rule, carpenter's square, digital square, and marking gauge. Tips for measuring accurately are included.

Saws (04:39)

Woodworking saws include the tenon saw, Japanese pull saw, and panel saw (rip saw). Each project dictates when and how to use a specific saw.

Planes (04:21)

Made of a sharpened piece of metal connected to a firm body, planes are used to even out material. Woodworking planes include the Aussie jack plane, trying plane, smoothing plane, and shoulder plane.

Chisels (03:59)

The bevel chisel and the palm chisel are two chisels that accomplish a variety of tasks in the woodworking shop. Chisels and gouges are often used with mallets and hammers to cut into materials.

Credits: Hand Tools for Woodworking (00:36)

Credits: Hand Tools for Woodworking

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Even though there are plenty of machines and portable power tools available to undertake most woodworking tasks, there will always be a place for hand tools in the modern workshop. In this program, woodworking enthusiast Stuart Lees shows how to use a variety of saws, planes, and chisels. In the process, he explains how to measure and mark out a project and then safely secure it. Correlates to all National CTE Organizational Standards (including the provisions of the Perkins Act). Viewable/printable educational resources are available online. (24 minutes)

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