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John Huston: Master Director (05:31)


Actor and director John Huston explains the value of actors "acting as if they were in the presence of God." Bill Moyers accompanies Huston on the set of "Annie." Huston uses a television monitor to observe the actors on set.

Actors and Characters (03:13)

When Huston is not directing he lives on the west coast of Mexico where he reads and paints. Huston chooses actors because they already "are" the characters they play. He discusses Humphrey Bogart's role in "African Queen."

John Huston: Early Years (04:25)

John Huston casts himself as a high living, high rolling bon vivant and daredevil. Huston's father was a vaudeville actor and singer; his mother gave him a love of fast horse, strong drink, impossible odds, and writing.

John Huston: Writer (03:37)

Huston tried his hand at writing because he could not make a living as a painter. Ring Lardner read his earliest stories as did H. L. Mencken. At his lowest point, Huston gets a reprieve by winning the Irish Sweepstakes.

John Huston in Hollywood (06:08)

John Huston's father supports him to make a name for himself as an actor in Hollywood. The elder Huston helps John direct "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre." A film excerpt is included. Huston's films are filmed mostly on location.

John Huston: Director (04:03)

Huston explains and demonstrates the relationship to the film "cut" and the workings of the human eye. Rather than practicing specific directing techniques, Huston absorbed what he needed to do. Excerpts from "Moby Dick" are included.

Credits: Creativity with Bill Moyers: John Huston (01:19)

Credits: Creativity with Bill Moyers: John Huston

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Creativity with Bill Moyers: John Huston

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Hollywood icon John Huston shares numerous insights and experiences in this classic Bill Moyers interview, filmed five years before the director’s death in 1987. Answering questions on art and personal adversity at his secluded Mexican villa, Huston also allows Moyers to join him behind the camera during the shooting of Annie. Topics include the many false starts that prefaced Huston’s career; his thoughts about directing his father in Treasure of the Sierra Madre; the production challenges of Moby Dick; and the unassailable importance of letting actors create their own characterizations. Throughout, viewers receive a valuable introduction to the creative risk-taking and artistic fortitude common to all giants of cinema. (29 minutes)

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