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Agricultural Problems in Madagascar (01:56)


Madagascar farmlands are yielding ever smaller returns because of illegal deforestation, slash-and-burn practices, poverty, and land disputes. Madagascar now seeks sustainable agriculture.

Agro-Ecology (03:12)

An agro-ecology expert travels to developing countries to show farmers how to have sustainable agriculture using only nature's resources in the farming processes. Farmers prosper with these systems.

New vs. Traditional Farming Methods (02:39)

In Madagascar, it is important to educate small-scale farmers in the DMC system of farming. Yet, many farmers refuse to give up traditional farming methods.

Farming and Land Ownership (01:26)

The government regulates most of the arable land in Madagascar. Farmers may work several pieces of land but cannot count on working the same lands again and again. Farmers' efforts can be snatched away by rich people.

Deforestation and Farming (04:50)

Farmers must contend with the aftermath of deforestation, namely soil erosion. Climatic conditions are unpredictable, adding to agricultural challenges. DMC methods improve these conditions.

Agro-Ecology: Agriculture and Animal Husbandry (03:57)

Farmers are able to retain more arable land by employing direct sowing and mulching (DMC) techniques. Agro-ecology enables many farmers to raise animals and increase their income.

Animal Health (03:55)

As animals become more important to farmers, animal health is an issue. Some farmers, trained by international volunteers, now spend time each week inoculating animals and fowl against viruses.

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Madagascar: Agro-Ecology

Part of the Series : Sustainable Development: The World Challenge
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Illegal deforestation, slash-and-burn practices, poverty, land disputes—these are among the many problems associated with farming in Madagascar. This program guides viewers through the real-world challenges of building sustainable agriculture in the country. Outlining reasons why many growers are unable or unwilling to leave outmoded techniques behind, the film visits community offices that support local farmers in organizing, obtaining microfinancing, and increasing efficiency. Erosion, soil management, irrigation and drainage, and the development of mixed farming—or combining crop cultivation and animal herding—are examined. Ecologists, agriculture experts, and a traveling veterinarian add commentary. Part of the series Sustainable Development: The World Challenge. (23 minutes)

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