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Open to Love (01:53)


A man with congenital deformities was married and had two children. After his divorce, he met Marie, who explains how she changed from being judgmental to being loving.

Love Is Blind (00:59)

After coming to know a handicapped man better, a woman discovers that she often forgets he has handicaps.

Devoted Couple (01:03)

A disabled man explains his love for a woman. He does not know why she loves him and stays with him. Both people in this couple are devoted to one another.

World Without Touch (01:04)

A handicapped woman, disabled from a serious illness at birth, talks about living in a world without touch. She does not know what it is like to touch another human being.

What Kind of Partner for Handicapped Woman? (01:48)

A woman confined to a wheelchair does not see herself in a long-term relationship with a man also in a wheelchair.

Complications of Handicaps (01:10)

A woman with a neuromuscular disorder fell in love with a young man whom she has been with for 2 years now. At first, she wondered how the relationship could possibly work for the two of them--and her disorders.

Need for Normalcy in Couple's Relationship (01:08)

A couple gets a reprieve when helpers come to work with and assist a disabled woman. These helpers take the pressure off the partner and give them both a chance to do normal things.

Learning Curve for Sex (01:16)

A couple has faith that things will work out for them sexually. They finally find a way to make it work. They describe their "learning curve" and ultimate success as sexual partners.

Handicapped Couple in Love (01:14)

Farid and Julie are both severely handicapped. Deeply in love, they were separated for 6 years because no care facility would take them both.

Handicapped Couple: Desire and Frustration (01:05)

Confined to wheelchairs in an institution, Farid and Julie live in separate rooms. They would like to become intimate to see what it would be like.

Who Should Help the Handicapped with Sexual Relationships? (00:58)

The staff at a care facility discusses two residents who want to have a sexual relationship. They wonder if the staff should help the couple or if someone from the outside should come in.

Sexual Needs of Care Home Residents (01:04)

The nursing staff at a care facility discusses the sexual needs of its male and female residents.

Assistance with Physical Relationships (01:12)

There is a need for trained personnel who could help disabled people with their physical relationships. A man wants more than self-gratification.

Autonomy for the Handicapped (01:35)

Marcel, a severely disabled man has written several books and actively campaigns on behalf of more autonomy for the handicapped.

Shared Love and Rage (01:17)

A normal, healthy 19-year-old man suffers an aneurysm. At age 32, he lives in a care home. He describes a relationship he had that was full of love and a common feeling of rage.

Blindness of the Non-Handicapped (01:20)

A handicapped man requests the chief administrator at his care home for a double bed to share with the woman he loved. She refuses to allow the two to sleep together.

Prostitute, Sex, and Cherished Memories (01:14)

His first and only sexual experience was with a prostitute, yet a handicapped man remembers the experience with tenderness. It was a rare opportunity to have a warm body next to him.

Sexual Assistants (01:20)

In a number of European countries sexual assistants help handicapped people with their sexual encounters. Sexual assistants help people with sensual arousal or sexual healing.

Sexual Rekindling (00:57)

Sexual assistants help injured and disabled people learn that their sexuality can be rekindled.

Coalition Promotes Respect for Sex (01:30)

The French create a coalition with the aim of promoting action to open up and encourage respect for the intimacy, emotions, and sexuality of handicapped people.

Sex Seminar (01:39)

Disabled people, psychologists, and sex assistants gather for a seminar. Many men who are able to masturbate also want to have sex with a woman.

Sensuality of Touch (01:12)

Many handicapped people are touch starved. They do not know what it is like to touch someone of the opposite sex.

Sexual Needs of Handicapped Woman (01:50)

Helene's shoulder blade is fused with her vertebral column. She recalls her few sexual experiences.

Sex Assistant for Hire (01:16)

At a retreat, disabled persons can, for a fee, spend time with a sex assistant for an erotic or sexual experience.

Sex Assistant: Helping Others (00:59)

One sexual assistant describes his job as "Helping someone go somewhere that they cannot go themselves."

Sexual Feelings (01:14)

Handicapped people at a retreat share their feelings about sexuality.

Group Therapy: Sexual Discussion (01:08)

A therapist gathers retreat participants together to discuss what they experienced. No subject or topic is taboo.

Handicapped Male: First Sexual Encounter (01:52)

Not having sex had a negative effect on a handicapped young man. He began to feel aggressive. At a retreat, he experiences sex for the first time.

What Is a Sex Assistant? (00:49)

A sex assistant discusses her role as a sexual partner for handicapped people.

Sexual Repression and Expression (01:49)

Two handicapped males discuss their experience with a prostitute. Lack of sex for one handicapped male makes him behave in deviant ways.

Sexual Expression: Legal Issues (01:07)

A handicapped man who did not have "normal" sexual outlets is arrested for sexual deviance. His mother shares her side of the story.

Parental Desperation and Handicapped Children (00:59)

The mother of a severely handicapped 35-year-old son, is driven by desperation and pity to help her son relieve his sexual energy.

Sexual Dilemma for the Handicapped (00:60)

Because he understands the sexual dilemma for so many handicapped people, a severely disabled man regularly visits care homes to discuss this sensitive subject with residents and staff.

Human Relationships (01:08)

A handicapped male discusses his wishes for a relationship, not only for the sexual outlet it would provide, but also for human warmth and kindness, sincerity and courage.

Handicapped Female on Sexual Image (01:35)

Two handicapped people meet in college and marry. They have a young son. The wife discusses emotional issues around her disability and sexuality.

Handicapped Parents (01:03)

Before they conceived their son, a handicapped couple has difficulty with the medical community when they seek help with infertility issues.

Sexual Needs: Gender Differences (01:24)

As with most couples, sex is an expression of joy and communion. At other times, it is utilitarian. A handicapped couple discusses the differences in their sexual needs.

Importance of Sexual Relationships (00:54)

Handicapped males consider the importance of fully living life. Both would like to have sexual relationships before they die.

Sex and Cherished Memories (00:58)

With the help of a sex assistant, a handicapped man has a "beautiful" sexual experience in the outdoors.

Sex and Reintegration (00:55)

Sexual experiences and relationships help handicapped people take control of their bodies and to reintegrate them. It is healthy for "body and soul," according to a proactive handicapped man. Sex can be "blessed relief" from suffering.

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This program challenges the preconception that being physically disabled necessarily means a lack of desire for physical intimacy. Through candid interviews with people who have substantial physical disabilities—cases involving paraplegia, quadriplegia, kyphoscoliosis, neuromuscular disorders, and other conditions—the video expresses their needs as human beings, examines constraints placed upon them by their conditions as well as by the medical and residential facilities that serve them, and spotlights high-minded organizations prepared to assist them in having loving experiences. Filmed in Europe, Disability and Sexuality offers insights into issues that transcend national boundaries and find common ground in the heart. Contains mature themes and clinically explicit language. (52 minutes)

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