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Biologist: Main Duties and Responsibilities (02:00)


Bela Peethambaran works as an associate professor at the University of Sciences. Biologists can conduct research, teach students, or contribute to research. Sub-specialties include food science, health care, molecular, and cell biology.

Biologist: Career Beginnings (01:26)

Peethambaran participated in projects and worked at a community science center. After finishing her bachelor's degree in India, she pursued a master's degree to conduct her own research. After obtaining a doctoral degree in the United States, Peethambaran did four additional years in postdoctoral training.

Biologist: Keys to Success (01:06)

Biologists need to be hard-working, diligent, and curious. Peethambaran loves science and brings a level of excitement to do the job.

Biologist: Education and Certification Requirements (01:32)

Researchers receive training in hazardous materials and safety procedures every six months. Biologists need to keep abreast of technological innovations and discoveries through scientific articles. Writing skills are important and teachers should practice communication skills.

Biologist: Workplace Atmosphere (01:33)

Peethambaran focuses on cancer research using cell and molecular biology. She collaborates with principal investigators and professors in the department. Peethambaran travels for conferences, grant reviews, or training.

Biologist: Advice for Aspiring Pros (01:37)

Be curious, ask questions, and discover the answers. Hone writing, reading, and communication skills. Individuals who are interested in teaching should volunteer at colleges, high schools, or primary schools.

Biologist: A Day on the Job (01:49)

Peethambaran checks emails, prepaes notes, teaches, attends administrative meetings, and performs research. Once a week, she meets with students to discuss recent articles.

Biologist: Industry Goals and Services (01:17)

Everyone lives and breathes biology. It gives a new perspective on life. Original research is the path taken by a curious person to discover an answer.

Biologist: Industry Challenges (00:56)

Challenges in research include limited technology and funding.

Biologist: Looking at the Future (00:54)

Biology will have an increasingly prominent role in the administration of a nation.

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