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Rewards of Hospitality Career (01:08)


Hospitality management is a fast-growing industry. The rewards in the hospitality industry include working in high quality environments, being well paid, and meeting dynamic and interesting people.

Importance of Service (00:53)

Job openings in hospitality management are increasing as more baby boomers move out of the field. Service is the cornerstone of the industry in which the customer is always right.

Guest Services Manager (01:05)

A guest services manager explains the variety of activities in her days. Hospitality managers can work in a variety of exciting locations. Adventure awaits people in this profession.

Diversity of Hospitality Industry (00:54)

Students who complete a 4-year hospitality management program generally work in one of these areas: food/beverage, management, hotel management, or convention/event management.

Opportunities in Hospitality Industry (00:60)

There are many opportunities in food and beverage management. Hospitality management graduates have good careers in restaurants and private clubs, or on cruise ships, to name a few.

Top Job: Hotel General Manager (01:23)

Hotels are rated in either stars or diamonds from 1 to 5. The pinnacle position to strive for in the hotel industry is general manager. The path to this job includes other hospitality jobs along the way.

Guest Services (00:49)

A guest relations manager sees her job as a stepping stone on her way to general manager. Guest services in the Peninsula Hotel chain is personalized for individual guests.

Conference Management (01:01)

Successful and profitable events take the special talents of event planners. These people plan the events, take care of details during the events, and handle post-meeting tasks.

Meeting Planners (00:57)

Convention and meeting planners have many responsibilities that include the budget, food and beverage, exhibit hall set-up, and more.

Hospitality Personality Traits (01:16)

There is nothing typical about working in hospitality, yet certain qualities are shared among people in the industry. They have good people skills, pay attention to detail, are flexible, and work hard.

Perfection and Flexibility (01:06)

Attention to detail is critical to success in the hospitality industry. Perfection is the goal. Every day is different, thus people in hospitality must be flexible. Exciting and unpredictable challenges arise every day.

Importance of Hard Work (01:35)

Because every day presents its own special challenges, people in the hospitality industry rarely get bored. The jobs require hard work and flexibility in schedules. It might be necessary to work holidays.

Education and Training (01:13)

There are 2-year certification programs in the hospitality industry. Students with a 4-year degree will have more advantages in the job market.

Four-Year Educational Program for Hospitality (01:02)

Four-year career programs in hospitality include learning the basics of culinary arts and housekeeping. In addition, they learn accounting, strategic planning, and leadership.

Hospitality Internships (01:12)

Hospitality programs include internships. These could be anywhere in the world. Students may find themselves in China in a large hotel, in a mountain lodge in Switzerland, or in a spa resort in the U.S.

Hospitality: Job Promotions (01:13)

Job promotions come quickly for people with hospitality management education and experience. Pay is "pretty good," but those who want to earn big pay aim for top positions.

Hospitality Industry Opportunities (00:59)

Hospitality management graduates have opportunities to work just about anywhere in the world. Experience counts for a lot in the hospitality industry. Promotions can come fast.

How to Get Into the Hospitality Industry (00:54)

Interested in hospitality management? Investigate schools and find out what the requirements are. Shadow someone already in the industry. Get a part-time job that emphasizes some aspect of hospitality.

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