Segments in this Video

In-Home Childcare Provider (01:46)


An in-home childcare provider says the best part of her job is that everyday is a party. She describes an average day from morning to evening.

How is Montessori Different? (01:43)

At Montessori school, kindergarten is a playful time. Montessori is meant to address all the needs of a child including calmness, academics, and independence.

A Look at Montessori and In-Home Childcare (01:43)

The administrator of a Montessori school explains how the school handles classroom curriculum. An in-home childcare provider explains how she got into the business.

Typical Salary for Childcare (00:48)

A Montessori school administrator discusses typical pay for employees starting from aids to experienced teachers. An in-home childcare provider shares how much she makes in one year.

Time Typically Spent in Childcare (01:14)

A Montessori school administrator and an in-home childcare provider explain how their time is spent on the job. There is a lot of training required for running a licensed daycare including CPR and first aid.

Education and Training for Childcare (01:58)

An in-home childcare provider suggests that people interested in child care work at a day care center before starting their own business. A Montessori school administrator discusses the training required to become a teacher.

Challenges of a Childcare Career (02:31)

An in-home childcare provider says the worst part of her job is the long hours. Teething babies and waiting to get paid are also big challenges. A Montessori school administrator says parents can be the most challenging part of her job.

How to Get New Clients (01:16)

An in-home childcare provider gets most of her clients through word of mouth advertising. She suggests a few other methods for attracting new business.

Qualities Needed to Work in Childcare (00:54)

Patience and a positive attitude are two of the qualities needed for working as an in-home childcare provider or at a Montessori school.

Related Career Opportunities (01:20)

An in-home childcare provider explains some of the other jobs available to those in her industry. A Montessori school administrator explains how experience at the school relates to other childcare atmospheres.

The Joys of Childcare (00:45)

An in-home childcare provider and a Montessori school administrator share their favorite parts of working with kids.

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Selena Davis is an experienced in-home childcare provider; Concy Rajkumar is the longtime administrator of a Montessori school. Use this video to introduce students to the world of early child education through Ms. Davis’ and Ms. Rajkumar’s “career confessions”: What do they like best—and least? What are the challenges? What are the rewards? In addition, they provide insights into education and required training, salary range, and long-term career outlook. Viewable/printable educational resources are available online. (17 minutes)

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