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Korean War Veteran (03:50)


Jim Owen was born out of wedlock, spending his first years in an orphanage; he reunited with his mother briefly before she entered the Women's Army Corp. He discusses emotional difficulties of his childhood; he joins the Marines in August, 1950. He describes bonds formed with an elite group of soldiers. (Credits)

Fighting in War (04:52)

After Korea split into two sovereign states, Soviet communists controlled North Korea; on June 25th, 1950, they invaded the American controlled South. Owen was assigned as a gunner in 1951, arriving after the Battle of Chosin Reservoir. He describes observing leveled towns and carnage while pushing to front lines.

Finding Love (03:31)

Tony Ybarra was in the Navy Reserve when he met Billie during training near Long Beach. They were married soon after he received notice of duty in July 1951. He avoided combat by becoming a Navy Medical Assistant.

Inspiring Bravery (05:07)

Love Battery fought a defensive campaign at the Korean divide; in July 1959, they were stranded under heavy fire with communications out for three days. Soldiers despaired as casualties mounted; Owens recalls two lieutenants foregoing protection to encourage crews. He considers them heroes and role models.

Emotional Toll of Treating Wounded (06:11)

In October 1951, Ybarra was stationed on USS Consolation, a helipad equipped hospital ship; he describes chaos, working constantly on critically injured men. TJ Wilkes befriended him, counseling when overwhelmed and suicidal. Both served until the Korean War's last day, then went separate ways; he wants to find and thank him.

Albert Coffeen and Kenneth Rice (06:04)

Owen discusses the two officers inspiring his integrity; he and Ann Curry review pictures of them. He returned home from service in February 1952, became a pastor, and had a family. He researches at The National Archives for the men, finding a personnel roster listing their full names.

Tracking Talmich (02:58)

Ybarra researches at The Veterans Museum, having limited information on Wilkes; he examines the 1951 service record for USS Consolation. He finds his friend's name on another listing.

Records of Lost Heroes (03:42)

Owen travels to the National Museum of the Marine Corps for more information on Coffeen and Rice; the curator shares a historical diary memorializing their bravery in battle. Archives show both men are deceased, passing in 1983 and 2011 respectively; he hopes to speak with their children.

Life After the Korean War (02:21)

Ybarra confers with a professional genealogist at San Diego Central Library; she found high school, occupational, and family information regarding Wilkes. His friend died in 1998; he hopes to connect with the family.

Getting Closure (02:37)

Owen finds information for Rice's daughter at the National Archives; he leaves a phone message for her. At Parkhill Cemetery, Ybarra says goodbye to Wilkes; he finds contact for his widow.

Sharing Stories of a Heroic Figure (06:14)

Owen meets with Rice's daughter at the 8th & I Marine Barracks. He reminisces, relaying her father's bravery; she discusses his life, showing the Bronze Star Medal awarded for the hero's service on July 3rd, 1951.

Honoring TJ Wilkes (05:12)

Caroline Wilkes invites Ybarra to Georgia; see the meeting. They share pictures and discuss her husband during war and life; he had children and grandchildren. See them at a family reunion memorializing Wilkes.

Credits: Korean War Brother In Arms (00:29)

Credits: Korean War Brother In Arms

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Join Ann Curry as Korean War veterans search for their brothers-in-arms. One wants to show his gratitude to two lieutenants who inspired him to be brave, and the other hopes to thank a friend who boosted his spirits aboard a hospital ship.

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